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Audioengine 2 Loudspeaker

After reading the issue I was wondering if this is a good choice for my situation. I will be moving into a dorm at the start of the new year and have been trying to come up with a good system to put into mine, and my roommates new room. Right now I have a vintage system consisting of a sansui power amp and two JBL 4312a studio monitors. I have liked the warm sound they produce, but also wouldn't mind even more clarity. In this new setting however space will be limited and having less equipment would be a bonus. Does anyone know how connecting the Audioengine 2 Loudspeaker to a Headroom Headphone amplifier as a pre-amp would compare to the system that I am used to. Would it be worth it to just cramp myself a bit more or would the proposed setup do well enough.

PS. I would probably have to sell the JBL's to afford a new headphone amplifier, speakers, and the new headphones I plan on getting.

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