Audio Summa Debuts Kuzma

There were two systems in Audio Summa’s room on the 10th floor of the Hilton, but I concentrated on the one with the brand new Kuzma 4-point NSE tonearm with Crystal Cable Silver/Gold ($6375) and Stabl M turntable ($18,500). Paired with Silverline Audio’s Sonatina Mk.IV loudspeaker ($5995/pair); Conrad-Johnson Classic 60SE stereo tube amp ($5000), ET-5 Triode tube preamp ($9500), and TEA2MAX triode tube phonostage ($6500); no longer manufactured BEL 101 Mk.IV stereo amps; Furutech Flux cables (Lineflux, Speakerflux, and Powerflux power cords); and HRT Music Streamer HD, MicroStreamer, and iStreamer, I was treated to a Classic Records reissue of the divine Sarah Vaughan’s 1964 Roulette platter, The Lonely Hours. The sound was lovely, but the bass seemed disconnected from the higher octaves.

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As my next power amp will be the Pass XA30.5, I need a pair of speakers that are both 8 ohm impedance, have >87db sensitivity and priced in the $6K to $8.5K range-not too easy to come by in these pages. Most importantly, the speakers need to be heard by trusted, discerning ears-hopefully driving them with modestly powerful Class A power amps-and rigorously benched tested by Mr. Atkinson. To that end, please consider evaluating the Silverline Reference 17/17.5 and Sonatina MK4, the Devore Orang O/93 and the Tannoy Turnberry SE. Also, those models by Tonian Acoustics, Trenner & Friedl, Tyler Acoustics and WLM Audio models all costing around $7.5K/pair. Last, but not least, please review the Rythmik F12G subwoofer. A pair of these particular subs with a pair of the best of the above?