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Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions Introduces New Alcohol-Free Premium Archivist Formula

Osage Audio Products, LLC announces the addition of a new formula to the Audio Intelligent record cleaning fluid line. Premium Archivist Formula is completely alcohol free and was developed in response to requests by record archivists and collectors and audiophile who prefer a formula that does not contain alcohol.

Premium Archivist Formula is safe and effective for use on all records, including shellacs, and is a new formulation.

The product was developed using both extensive listening tests and analytical laboratory procedures to ensure high quality as well as optimum cleaning performance.

Premium Archivist Formula is designed as a substitute for the Super Cleaner Formula as the second step in a complete cleaning system. As with all Audio Intelligent products, Premium Archivist Formula is available in both 16 and 32 ounce sizes and is available in money-saving kits that include our award-winning Enzymatic Formula and Ultra-Pure Water products.

The new formula is available for shipment now. Details on ordering can be found by going to and clicking on the 'Products and Ordering' link. Questions or inquiries should be directed to or 573-696-3551.

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