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Audio Intelligent Introduces New One-Step Formula and Other News

Try our new Premium One-Step Formula No. 6!
Record cleaning has never been quicker or easier than with our new, state-of-the-art Premium One-Step Formula No. 6. The alcohol-free formula is designed with general cleaning and maintenance in mind. Premium One-Step Formula No. 6 is a residue-free, no rinse formula that is safe to use on all records, including shellacs.

We have had many requests for a simple, general-purpose record cleaning formula and have spent the past few months formulating and laboratory testing in order to offer a true premium product. This formulation exceeds the performance standard set by other products for one-step record cleaning. Premium One-Step Formula No. 6 is available in a 32 ounce bottle with squirt cap for only $25.00, or 4 32 ounce bottles for only $80.00. We are taking orders for Premium One-Step Formula No. 6 now, and we expect to start shipping on May 11. Please check it out on the Products and Ordering Page and give it a try!

Our current LP drawing continues through May 31. Your purchase of $50.00 qualifies you for the drawing.
The LP for April/May 2007 is a new and sealed copy of the 1992 pressing of Delmark Apollo Series DL-451, Mellow Mama by Dinah Washington. As before, to qualify for the drawing you must make a purchase of $50.00 or more. Each purchase that qualifies during the duration of the contest will be entered in the drawing. Please take advantage of this contest.

A few words on how to get the most from cleaning your records.
I get a lot of question regarding how to best clean records. As a result of our ongoing research into record cleaning, we are always learning new things about the subject, and I want to share some of what we have learned so that your experience with your own records might be more satisfactory.

First of all, the surface of the record must be completely saturated with record cleaning fluid in order for it to be cleaned properly. All of our formulas are carefully designed to loosen and dissolve contaminants on the surface and in the grooves of the record. It is very difficult to clean a record by merely employing hard scrubbing. In fact, in some instances hard scrubbing will serve only to compact the contaminants further into the grooves.

Our research has also revealed that leaving the fluid on the record for an extended period of time increases the cleaning efficiency. This can be done by saturating the record on your RCM, on a soft cloth on a table or counter and leaving it for several minutes. When you do this, please be sure to add fluid and brush it evenly around the record as necessary to make sure that the surface of the record does not dry. This method is especially effective on used records and any really dirty records. You will be amazed with the results.

Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions products do not contain any type of lubricant. Many of the products on the market do, but we have found that lubricants have a tendency to trap contaminants and create a barrier between the stylus and record groove. Lubricants can help the stylus glide more easily over defects in the record and over contaminants, but our position is,

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