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Audio equipment cables and interconnects


I have Mark Levinson ML 519, ML 523, ML 53 and Revel Salon 2 speakers. What will be the best cables to used for a good configuration? Appreciate any suggestions and feedback on the set up. Thank you.

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Have you asked the

Have you asked the manufacturer what sort of cables they recommend? Cabling is very subjective, many believe that the more money you spend on cables with go-faster-stripes, and shiny machined bits on the end/fancy braiding patterns on the wire jacket etc etc...that the sound will somehow be improved.

Don't fall for it, when choosing audio cables as long as you are using the correct type of cable for the job, speaker cable for speakers, RCA cables for RCA, coax for digital etc..then you are doing ok.

For the most part, there is little if any difference inside the cable. So you just need to ask yourself what cable do you want? Do you want flashy cable? Are you going to be looking at it all the time? Is the looks important to you?

For me, cable is cable. It transmits the signal from point a to point b. Any perceived difference between makes, is just that a perception and you will find what really matters is not what sort of cable you should use, but what sort of cable are YOU comfortable with for your budget and your enjoyment.

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