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Audio Doctor Welcomes the NJ Audiophile Society OPEN HOUSE

The Date: April 18th Sunday 2:00
The Place: Audio Doctor Showrooms Jersey City

Please RSVP. by sending an email to

Audio Doctor welcomes the NJ Audiophile Society, and everyone is welcome!

Audio Doctor will be demonstrating KEF's Reference Line of speakers for both Music and Home Theater systems as well as the more affordable XQ speakers.

We will also be introducing an exciting line of very advanced and quite affordable reference electronics from Norway's Hegel Audio,

We will be playing the KEF REF 207.2 on a full Manley Labs System, as well as the smaller 201.2 monitors with Hegel electronics and digital products.

In addition we will be playing our reference Home Theater system which features KEF Reference speakers with a JL Audio Subwoofer being driven by an Anthem Statement D2v with a Plinius Odeon amplifier, and a brand new state of the art RUNCO Q 750 LED projector. This is a thrilling state of the art home theater experience.

Audio Doctor, is home to one of the largest collections of state of the art audio equipment in the state of New Jersey. We have four sound rooms, six listening areas, and over 60 lines of equipment on display.

Some of our featured lines: AMR,Anthem,Artison, Audioquest,BAT,Bryston,Cary, Cambridge,Cabasse,Crowson, Dali,Earthquake,Esoteric, Gallo,Genlec,Gershman, Hegel, HRT, Isotek, JL Audio,Kef Ref, Luxman,Manley, Mastersound, Micromega, Nuforce,Plinius,PSB, Qsonix, Runco, Rega, Running Springs,Scaena, Shakti,Screen Innovations,Sound String Cables, Synergistic,Tannoy,Usher, Vincent and other fine products.

We would love to see you there. Thank you.


Dave Lalin, President, Audio Doctor

PS we are easy to reach via Car, Bus or Path Train we can provide all transit information if you require it.

Phone: 877 428 2873 opt 1 sales.

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