Audio Doctor presents Scaena speakers

The Scaena Spiritus 3.4 loudspeaker system ($110,000), which uses separate tubular subwoofer modules to reinforce its line-source arrays of midrange units and Raven ribbon tweeters, sounded better than I had heard them at previous shows. As well as the C-J ART amplifiers mentioned by Art Dudley above, the system comprised a Kronos turntable with its contra-rotating platters, fitted with an SME V-12 tonearm and a Dynavector XV1S cartridge, an AMR tube phono preamp, and a fully loaded dCS Scarlatti digital front-end.

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The Scaena sounded really nice at AXPONA in Jacksonville. With the addition of the new tweeter it had amazing air and transparency. 

I noticed an article from Dealerscope on line about the NY show. It stated there were 40 rooms and 70 brands with 1200 attendees . Is this accurate?

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The article you saw was deceptively titled. It says that a pre-show projection was for 1200 attendees. The article offers no figure for actual attendance. I sure hope that more than 1200 people attended.

Hopefully Art or John will be able to contact the Chester group and provide an actual attendance figure in their show summary. As I type this, there are many more blogs yet to come...


jason on April 16

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I hate to toot my own horn, but Stereophile is not doing it. The golden beauty to the left in this photo is a Silver Circle Audio pure power one 5.0se power conditioner. I would like to think that it contributed to the sound that Art and JA liked in the room. I can't get no respect. :)