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Audio delay (NOT SYNC) on Sony Receiver

Hi, everyone. This is a hard topic to search for because all the results are about audio/video syncing which is NOT my issue. I posted on another site a month ago and got no replies.

For years I have only watched TV through a laptop via a AV receiver. There is a noticeable audio delay when starting a video that's become too annoying to tolerate.

I'm using Windows 10 through an HDMI cable to a Sony DTR 1050 (I think). My smart TV is also connected to the receiver via HDMI. When I start watching a YouTube video or even a video file using a player like VLC, there is a 2 second pause from the moment the video starts to when I hear the sound. The sound and video ARE in sync, just that the audio starts 2 seconds slow. It's annoying becuase in a YouTube video for example, I can NEVER hear the first couple of seconds of audio since most video don't have any type of fade in. This happens even when I pause an restart a video. There is a 2 second silence before audio starts.

I thought this may be normal going from a computer to a home theater but what I discovered tonight is that the audio signal IS being processed and sent immediately because I can hear the sound instanly on the TV's internal speakers or the computer's built in speakers. I send the audio/video to the receiver via an HDMI. From there, another HDMI to the TV. When I have the Sony receiver speakers and the TV's speakers both turned on, they are in sync. There may be a very slight lag in the TV's speakers. The problem is, the sound coming from the room speakers coming from the amp takes a couple of seconds to hear. In other words, if I am watching a video from the internet or from the hard drive and I have it on pause, the moment I unpause, I can hear the volume from the TV but it takes a couple of seconds for the main speakers from the amp. Furthermore, if I pause and unpause really fast, the sound instantly resumes but if I pause for say more than a second or two, I hear a very slight static pop in the stereo speakers (like I am changing the input source or something).I don't hear this pop coming from the TV's speakers (although it may be too faint in the TV) .I have tried setting the sound profile -which is normaly Dolby Pro II - to 2 channel, AFD, etc. and there is no difference EXCEPT the static pop doesn't happen when I have 2 channel output selected, but the audio delay still exists with 2 ch.

So it appears the sound is being processed in real time since it is sent to the TV along the same cable as the video and the two are instant. But for whatever reason, sound isn't going to the stereo speakers right away. Incidentally, I made sure auto volume or volume equalization were off as well.

I don't know what else to try.

Help is appreciated.

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I have the exact same problem

I have the exact same problem. I am using a Sony STR-DH590. I did some experiments and found out it's mostly the problem with the laptop, at least my Lenovo laptop. Its CPU will shut down the audio connection between the laptop and the output designation (i.e the AVR) when the laptop isn't outputting any audio signals for 10 or 20 secs. So when I click on a YT video, the laptop would take about 2 secs to reestablish the audio connection.

I found a work-around for this: Simply play a video file on the laptop (e.g., an mkv file), lower its volume all the way to zero, and set it to repeat the playback automatically. Doing so, the laptop is forced to maintain the audio connection (because it's playing a video) with the AVR. And when you click on a YT video, VOILA, no more 2-sec delays!

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