Audio Alternative relieves headaches fast

I walked into the Audio Alternative room with a nagging headache and walked out cured. I credit the system: Vandersteen Model 7 loudspeakers with M7 crossovers ($50,000/pair) driven by Audio Research’s Reference 250 monoblock and new two-chassis Reference 10 preamp ($30,000); AMG Viella 12 turntable fitted with a Lyra Atlas phono cartridge; and AudioQuest cables.

The song, believe it or not, was “Here Comes the Sun.” I sat in the back of the room and was impressed by the system’s combination of sweetness, impact, scale. When I moved to the front of the room, I heard greater clarity and bass control, but with no loss of that sweetness. The sound, overall, was better than Tylenol, Bayer, Excedrin, or even Advil.

One of my favorites of the show.

JohnnyR's picture

He might pick up some good tips for his whistle therapy business. Too bad you didn't find any relief for the "over priced" syndrom in there though.

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Sounds like you might have been feeling the altitude there.