Audio Alchemy DTI•Pro 32 Jitter Filter Review System

Sidebar 1: Review System

Most of my experience with the DTI•Pro 32 was in my usual system, consisting of a Sonic Frontiers SFL-2 preamplifier driving a pair of Audio Research VT150 monoblock power amplifiers. Loudspeakers were Genesis II.5s, whose woofers were driven by an integral servo power amplifier. Interconnects in the Sonic Frontiers/ARC/Genesis system were AudioQuest Lapis, Diamond X3, and Wire World Gold Eclipse, and loudspeaker cables were short runs of AudioQuest Dragon II.

Digital front-ends with which I tried the DTI•Pro 32 include the Mark Levinson No.31 and Sonic Frontiers SFT-1 transports, and Audio Alchemy DDE v3, Class;ae DAC-1, and Spectral SDR-2000 Pro processors. Digital interconnects included Alchemy's excellent DST powered coaxial cable, Illuminati's true 75 ohms coaxial interconnect, and AudioQuest Diamond x3 AES/EBU. Note that the DTI•Pro 32's BNC input and output jacks force you to use BNC-to-RCA adaptors unless you have specially-terminated digital interconnects.

Power to the system was conditioned by the MIT Z-Center and Z-Stabilizer, with MIT Z-Cord II AC power cords throughout the system (except on the Alchemy units, which have integral AC cords). The MIT power treatment package has become an essential part of my system.—Robert Harley