Audience aR2p Adept Response Power Conditioner Sweepstakes

Register to win an Audience aR2p Adept Response Power Conditioner (MSRP $695) we are giving away.

According to Audience:

The Audience Adept Response aR2p power conditioner is designed to elevate the performance of your audio system and provide superior power protection. It’s ideal for single-component applications like monoblock amplifiers, receivers, video projectors and video displays and plugs directly into a power outlet with no separate power cord required. The aR2p is hand-built with premium-quality high-current components throughout.

The Adept Response aR2p provides surge suppression up to 20,000 amps. Whereas surge suppression devices like the ubiquitous MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) are “sacrificial” devices and wear out over time, the aR2p surge suppression does not deteriorate. The aR2p employs wide-bandwidth RF filtration – by reducing power line noise interference, the aR2p provides a lower noise floor and blacker background, resulting in a higher-resolution audio/video presentation.

The aR2p does not limit dynamics. Since power must respond quickly and completely to the demands of program material Audience believes it is imperative that power conditioning components present the lowest possible impedance power path while providing wide-bandwidth noise reduction. If desired, a simple high-quality multi-outlet power distribution system plugged into the aR2p can provide power conditioning for an entire audio or video system.

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Huffy's picture

I hope my Adept Response to this sweepstakes gets me some cleaner power!!!

noelberkowitz's picture

Clean power is like magic. it makes the sound so much more real.

juarguf's picture

Nothing like clean power, no noise!!

damballah's picture

Would love to try a new power conditioner in my setup. 

rlabarre's picture

Just maybe?

murphro's picture

Would love this in my system

jlock438's picture

Yes, count me in.  Thanks.

full1nelson's picture

I'd love to hear how much this power conditioner improves the detail retrieval on my headphone setup.

mikakaar's picture

Could really use cleaner power!

Bombatta's picture

Bombatta likes win, hates Conan.

chrisbryson's picture

sum humming is bummin' me out

mikemank's picture

Have always wondered if these work, would be nice to find out!

swimkinney2's picture

I live in a shitty rental because I am a broke college student...could really help out my modest system!!!

loop7's picture

I would love to add this to my system.

bigdobbs44's picture

I got to have one!

wkkim's picture

Thank you for this great opportunity!'s picture

Whoohoo...Audience Conditioners Rock..

moog man's picture

My power needs conditioning!

R Browne's picture

...I'll take it.

firthy's picture

Win win win!

Boognish's picture

I am really tired of dirty power!

cpnelsonjunya's picture

My power needs conditioning!

Vidfreaky's picture

ooh ooh Mr. Kotter!  Mr. Kotter!  


I was just researching power conditioners as I need one badly.

ak7579's picture

I would not mind winning this at all

RouletteRog's picture

Puh-lease, I'm just making the jump from consumer audio to hi-fi, and I think that this'd make an awesome addition.  So purty please choose me.  :-)

rleclaire's picture

Would love to thank John McDonald of Audience and Stereophile magazine for offering this power conditioner.  This is a wonderful gift to help keep dreams alive and well in the audiophile community!  Some of us are making every attempt to get there, but funds are short,  Just like to thank you all

Ryan LeClaire

Burado's picture

I hope this power conditioner will go with me!

rodeobrett's picture

I'll take that

racknpinion's picture

Desprately need some power conditioning of some kind here and this would be SO perfect. 

vernz's picture

Definitely IN!!!

germay0653's picture

For clean power use the Audience aR2p Adept Response Power Conditioner!

superfly111's picture

... with great poWer... comes great NOISE! haha i really need one of these...

clchev's picture

Would be great to win the power conditioner!

davidmcc's picture

I could always use some clean power.

dave2dreams's picture

Love to have.

HiFi Man's picture

Please pick me

Et Quelle's picture

At T.H.E. Show in Las Vegas, I had lunch with John McDonald the president of Audience. He was looking at the half dozen filled tabled as he walked with his lunch and then circled around and set at my table. The food was good especially to hungry walking audiophiles. He asked me about my career, residence, etc. He only mention I make electronics.

A really nice man, he is. Later on, I went into the Audience room and saw him and a designer. He introduced me from lunch. Then later when he stepped out a moment, his designer played a few of my HDtracks {Massimo Salvagnini,Brad Shepik, Thelonious Monk Quartet}, completely. Not the 30 sec. deals that commonly happen. I enjoyed their miniature ' the one' speaker. It filled the darkened room at 7 inches and 25 watts. A couple days later, I took a look at their website and discover Mr. McDonald was the president.

Vogelhaus's picture

Man, if anyone needs this.. it's me, boy do I have some electrical problems in my rig!

valenroy's picture

I want one!

dmormerod's picture

...that I keep power here in the Wintery NE so I have something to condition!

BWEJACOB's picture

Looks like a cool product.  I'd love to give it a shot.  Thanks for the sweepstakes!

WillWeber's picture

this seems worth a try, my office sytem could use some help

natecsd's picture

I'd sure love one of these!


thawdtd's picture

Always wanted to see the difference a good power conditioner can make.

surfplank's picture

I just got into the market for one of these.

Audio_newb's picture

Have a PS Audio Quintet in my main rig and am looking for some conditioning for my desktop/ headphone setup.  This would be perfect.

hifial's picture

I could use this. This would work well in my setup.

caffeinefreedavid's picture

I'm new to the 2 channel audio hobby / lifestyle so anything I can get for free will help me / push me deeper into the lifestyle.

mfoster's picture

I have been investing in higher end equipment.  This would compliment (and protect) it perfectly.  Thank you for the opportunity...

spl120's picture

Would be delicious to feed my REL with an Audience.

sx1250's picture

Looks cool - I want one!

Timbrh2001's picture


AndersonE's picture

You know you want to!

vanja gjorgievski's picture

This is a componet were clear fiziks have chance to tok.

CaptainVinyl1's picture

If I win it would be so exciting! I have not won at anything since opening a lucky bottle of Snapple 15 years ago

Matching_Mole's picture

Yes it does!

thxtheater's picture

My account isn't working?

DJs-Theater's picture

Would make a nice addition to my home theater.

auee's picture

Please. It will work nicely in my system.

amoore's picture

I happily listened to my Audience Au24 RCA cables that I lucked into on a trade, thinking "as good as I will ever hear at home" then compulsion came over me and I ordered up a set of Au24 SE RCA cables, plugged 'em in my rig and realized fully what the saying meant  "you don't even know what you don't know". Now I can say with certainty Audience knows what I don't and I want what they make, because it sounds amazing. The Au24 SE RCA's made my Green Mountain Audio Callisto's sing with not only a more detailed level of sound but a thicker-richer wallop of mid-range, mid-bass and more low level bass than I thought possible. Whew, I like!

I must win the drawing for an Audience aR2p Adept Response Power Conditioner.

aopu.mohsin's picture

Here's looking at you kid!

valicious's picture


amudhen's picture

I sure could use this conditioner as i already own 2 audience powercords, what more could you ask for? Thanks for the opportunity to own this terrific conditioner!