Attention Screen at Goodbye Blue Monday

Amidst the concrete bodegas and basketball court fences of Bushwick, there rests a blue-lit doorway hiding strange and warm sounds. A sustained piano, tinkling cymbals, and alien coos float across a colorful hall of books and busted boomboxes. A trumpet blasts and whizzes downwards as the bass plods on. What you hear is Attention Screen, a free-jazz-something super-group featuring budget loudspeaker specialist and all-around nice guy Bob Reina on the piano and special guest Stereophile Editor John “Entwistle” Atkinson on the electric bass. The show takes place at 8pm this Friday, November 30th at Goodbye Blue Monday (1087 Broadway) in Brooklyn, NY.

This iteration of Attention Screen hosts a different group of musicians that we’ve grown to love on previous Stereophile recordings. Missing this time around is guitar alchemist Don Fiorino. Added is trumpeter Liam Sillery. Don’s splashes of dissonance and guitar contortions will be replaced by Sillery’s timely and poignant melodies, a perfect accent to Reina’s dramatic piano runs. Steady as always, rhythm section Chris Jones (double-bass) and Mark Flynn (drums) are still around driving a pulse amongst the noise. John Atkinson appears as a special guest providing ambient tones and soulful grooves.

“re:screen” is part of a free-jazz residency at Goodbye Blue Monday happening on the final Friday of each month. Kicking off the evening of harmonic and sonic explorations is duo Ras Moshe and Shayna Dulberger, on saxophone and double-bass respectively. Attention Screen then meanders in with their atmospheric tapestries tied tight with tension at each thread. Finally Daphna Naphtali will morph her vocals alongside Jen Baker on the tuba and Andrew Drury on drums. A wild assortment of instruments all pushed to their creative limit for a stimulating evening of sounds.

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I thought Mr Atkinson worked 60 hour work weeks and has no extra time for such? I guess cable, power cord and magic bowl testing takes a back seat for his "soulful grooves"? Has JA taught his replacement how to do audio tests yet? I mean he made it sound like it's so hard  to do testing and all, would be a shame if he passed on and Stereophile found itself unable to push a button or two and get results.

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Why there's not possible to download HD music from the Stereophile website ?

As far as I know, you are strong deffenders of digital music in HD, and due you reccorded the music, and produce the files to make discs, why don't you have a digital store whit your products ???

It's any complication or something doing that thing.

Or it is a policy of the company ?


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Why there's not possible to download HD music from the Stereophile website?

I assume you are talking about the recordings that have been released as Stereophile-branded CDs. This is something I have been wanting to do for some years but unfortunately it is not allowed by the current contract I have, as the owner of the original recordings, with Stereophile the magazine and the record label responsbible for publishing those recordings.

John Atkinson

Editor, Stereophile