Attention Screen: The Making of Live at Merkin Hall The Music

Sidebar 1: The Music

Attention Screen Live at Merkin Hall Stereophile STPH018-2
Don Fiorino (guitar, lap steel, lotar, taro patch ukulele), Bob Reina (piano), Chris Jones (fretless electric bass guitar), Mark Flynn (drums)

Track Listing
[1] Mansour's Gift 9:52
[2] Fruit Forward 11:05
[3] Nell's Bells 10:35
[4] Bounced Again 10:56
[5] Blizzard Limbs 13:26
[6] Lap Dawg 10:52
Total Time: 66:50
All compositions by Attention Screen © 2007

CD Cover Image: Chris Jones
CD Booklet Design: Pip Tannenbaum
CD Booklet Photography: Jonathan Scull, Wes Phillips, John Atkinson

Chris Jones would like to thank Sherryll and Katrina; Don Fiorino would like to thank Leela Fiorino for all of her support and the fine prep and eats in the Green Room; Bob Reina would like to thank Ellen Fricault for not letting anything get between him and his music, Dee Pop for giving Attention Screen their first gig, Video Helper for providing rehearsal space and hospitality, and Wes Phillips for "getting it"; Mark Flynn would like to thank Bob, Don, Chris, and, of course, the unconditional support of his family; Attention Screen would like to thank John Atkinson, Wes Phillips, Stephen Mejias, Laura LoVecchio, Len Moskowitz, Stereophile, the staff of the Kaufman Center, and the enthusiastic audience, for helping make this event and production a reality . . . and the improvisational spirit (and talented and tuned-in bandmates to channel it).

Attention Screen can be contacted at, or on the Web. Live at Merkin Hall is available for $12 plus S&H from Stereophile's e-commerce page.