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ATC SCM 11 - will it work with my ROTEL player?

I wanna buy ATC SCM 11 speakers, but I'm nit sure what to do with my current cd-player. I have ROTEL rcd-06 player with a pre-amplifier of the same series.

Can I buy some ROTEL power amplifier and save the other components? They recommend me in the dealers' office to change all components and buy the amp by ATC, but I can't rob the bank :-)

Will ROTEL sound awful with ATC? Now I have some cheap speakers. Speaking about the sound of the player itself, I can say that its sound pictures changes after an hour of working.

Most people in Russia (I live there) tell me - "no, you should change everything". The market is very narrow here, so only flamboyant audiophiles buy such hardware. I like listening music (mostly classics from chamber music to symphonic) but maybe I'm not so flamboyant and don't want to die for it.

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I'm sure they would work fine

They aren't very sensitive according to Stereophile's review and JA's measurements. You should read the review if you haven't already.

Whether or not those particular speakers offer the best value/performance rating, I think you are on the right track by looking for speakers to give you the best bang for your buck.

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