Ask the Editors

John Atkinson (right), Art Dudley (center), and I had a good time at Stereophile's "Ask the Editors" session on Saturday afternoon, and, judging by the response, so did the people who asked the questions. The questions ranged from the general/philosophical, like whether it makes sense to use the "absolute sound" of unamplified music as the only reference in evaluating audio components, and the specific/technical, like the advantages/disadvantages of USB connections for high-performance audio.

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Hey! If you're at a session like this in Montreal, Canada, then Art Dudley would be sitting in the "centre"

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. . .mais je ne parle pas le francais. "Center," c'est vraie, ne-est-ce pas, pour les Americains?

Jean A.
Redacteur en chef, Stereophile