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Jim Tavegia
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Art's Advent DIY project.

I read that Art apologized for the woofer changes, but do not worry, it was still a great read. I also received a pair for free off Paulding County(GA) Free Cycle as they were giving away a pair of large AVENT speakers. My woofers are not original either.

My wife asked if I wanted to take a gamble in hopes that they were Advents (she knew by the way), and yes I did and was glad for it. (Pix are in my gallery by the way)

My cabinets were bad so I just lightly sanded them and painted them black. But Art, you really should give your nice daughter some new grille cloth. If that grille cloth was a shirt, it would be in your garage mopping up an oil spill from changing the oil in your tractor. Yuck.

I held my old original frames up to the light at Walmart and chose some material that "seemed" to pass just as much light as the old stuff. 99 cents later I had some nice clean grille cloth on some decent looking Large Advents. The best 99 cents I ever spend, not including the gas. I already had the paint. I reapplied the logos with hot-melt glue.

They are now in my man-cave next to my Triangle Comets that I use with the Sexton center channel for my 3.0 home theater on my Philips LCD HD TV. The Advents are used for listening to "net" streams and music on my desktop HD and just general mixing of simple school music project.

Who says $15 doesn't buy much these days?

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