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Artists House Records

Roy E's mention of Charlie Haden's releases on the old A&M Horizon record label made me think about the Artists House Records label, which founded by the same individual who was behind the A&M Horizon record label, one John Snyder.

Both of these record labels were very adventurous, perhaps Artists House more so since it was completely indepent but Horizon was pretty out there for a major label and A&M was a major label back in the mid 1970's when all this was happening. The music was fresh, well recorded and completely under the artist's control, a very radical idea back then. In the case of Artists House releases the artist even had complete control and ownership of the master tapes.

All of these events took place during the time when jazz was dead and before the great Wynton rose like a phoenix from its ashes to save it from electric Miles Davis, disco and other forms of lesser music, at least according to the Ken Burns' Jazz documentary.

While giving the artists control of the master tapes is a great idea and a wonderful thing and all that, it sure does make things tough in the case of reissues. I don't think any of the Artists House releases except for a few of the Ornette Coleman recordings have ever been reissued and the Ornette's were reissued own Ornette own label.

Other good 1970's jazz labes were Muse, Pablo and Watts. I'm sure there were others, anyone care to name a few?

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