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I wish I could say something of import about International Phonograph Inc.'s room, which was showcasing the Artisan Fidelity turntable. The marvelous TAD Reference One loudspeakers were mated with Lamm electronics to play master tapes of jazz and other genres. Alas, there was far more talking than music going on when I stopped by, and the promised equipment list never made it to my inbox. Hopefully, others can fill in the blanks in the comments section below.

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(Email copy forwarded)

Dear Jason,

My sincerest apologies for our last email not getting through to you in regards to our Axpona 2013 room equipment list.  The auto-generated failed email response somehow was routed to the spam folder, and was never retrieved and brought to my attention until tonight (Sunday). 

Our Axpona room #705 equipment list was as follows:

Turntable(s) -

Artisan Fidelity Achates Idler Drive - List price - $9845.00 (Direct Sales)

Artisan Fidelity Technics Sp10Mk2 Modified & Restored / (2) 12" Thomas Schick tonearms (included) Static Display Only - Price - $9245.00

Tonearms -

Reed 3P with Pernambuco arm wand (9") - List price - $5590.00

Reed 3P with Pernambuco arm wand (12") - List price - $6275.00

Phono Cartridge -

Van Den Hul Colibri XGM - List price $6900.00  

Tape Deck -

United Home Audio Phase 11 (Latest model) - List price $21,000.00 

Loudspeakers -

TAD Reference 1 - List price - $79,000.00

Amplifier -

Lamm 2.2 Monoblocks - List price - $23,000.00

Preamplifier -

Lamm L2 Reference - List price - $15,175.00

Phono Stage -

Lamm LP2 - List price - $7290 

Cables -

Verastarr Grand Reference - List prices vary

Again, my deepest apologies for not having had this email delivered sooner!


Christopher Thornton
Artisan Fidelity

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