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Art Dudley and literary referencing.

Well, I'm a little slow this month, but I have made it as far into the current issue as reading Art Dudley's review (how did Sam let him get away with this?) another Triangle speaker (the Musical Fidelity of speakers, I guess.)

Art referenced a great book, "Foucault's Pendulum," by Umberto Eco; a stupednously wonderful book that contains a great HiFi/audio philosophy quote:

Quote Mr. Eco, p176, top paragraph...

"...You must observe respectfully, of course, showing the same tolerance of all faiths as they do in accepting your unbelief..."

Nice book reference, Mr. Dudley, you reminded me of one of my favorite literary quotes! Perhaps we will start bringing the woodies and the fuzzies (I prefer to call them 'plushies," but I digress) together!


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