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Art Dudley and amplifiers

Creative writings some times conflict when they really don't have any logic or science in the writings. It's creative writing. When is the composite material surrounded units gonna be what the "designer" decides is superior sounding? Lacquer finish is audible in an electronic device? Is this an electric guitar, where it's all about the resonance of the wood making the sound? I'm sure the COLOR of the metal and plastic cover also effects the sound, no that's next month! Why would an audio writer, who has made some logical observations recently, allow a designer to make comments about this stuff and not challenge the designer on WHY he says something does what it does? Isn't that what a technical review is supposed to be? Not just an ad for some bizzare item? Challenge the mfg. to their most often absurd claims. It would be more useful, than just blanket statements, with no merit. Do Black AC line cords sound better than White? Dr. Shinar Fujimatsu Uko Yuko says it does, that's why he uses it on his $46,000 5 W amplifier....

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Re: Art Dudley and amplifiers

Moved to the Dead Zone for being off-topic.

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