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Arm won't lower

After having my Pioneer PL-L-70 unused in Germany for around 10 years and then in the garage in Florida for about 6 years, I now find the tonearm won't lower to the record. Is it easily fixable by me who knows nothing or the Geek squad or someone else?

Jan Vigne
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Re: Arm won't lower

I would first check for any mechanical reason for the failure to properly cue. Is the cueing (arm up/down) on this table achieved mechanically as in a lever on the side of the arm rest or is it done through an electronic circuit by a switch on the front of the table?

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Re: Arm won't lower

Before thinking about repairs, you may want to consider options of a new 'table. They make some much better turntable now and you might get a lot more out of your records...The old linear tracking 'tables, while in principle a good idea, rarely performed as well as they promised. In fact most turntables of that vintage, unless Thorens or the like, were pretty cheaply made and almost begged to be replaced by CD players. The modern turntable is a different animal altogether and most times equal or better to digital.

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Re: Arm won't lower

I found some pictures on the net of a 'pl-70'. If this is the same table, then it is likely the silicone fluid in the arm lifter has dried out. Happens all the time. The table should be fine, it likely needs a bit of silicone fluid in the lifter mechanism.

Nice old table! I love that stuff. Like greasy food..I just love it.

Even for all the sexy audio out there, I must admit I get a little wobbly, weak kneed, and woosy in the presence of a Pioneer SX-1280, SX-1980..and the Technics SA-1000.

When I was young..the dream of audio, the dream of the glass..the shiny surfaces..the huge heatsinks..the know. Nostalgia.

The older I get, the more sexy the Mac stuff begins to look.

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