Are you still interested in CD players?

Discs may be getting passé, but the technology keeps maturing and most music is still released on CD. Besides, deals on used discs also abound. Are you still interested in CD players?

Are you still interested in CD players?
Yes I plan to keep buying them
48% (240 votes)
Yes, I will buy one last player
12% (60 votes)
Maybe, I'm not sure yet
10% (51 votes)
No, unless my current player dies prematurely
15% (73 votes)
No, I'll never buy another disc player
15% (75 votes)
Total votes: 499

Nick A's picture

I buy CDs, but rip them all to a losslessly compressed audio format. It's just so much more convenient to use foobar2000 and a nice DAC.

Duane Pal's picture

I both purchase CDs and download HR files off special web site stores.

Eric D'souza's picture

Most of my collection is CD based & I don't see the record companies not releasing new titles on disc for another decade or so. Hell, LPs were supposed to have died two decades ago but we are still listening to & buying them today.

Steven Bell's picture

I'll purchase new players as long as people like John Hellig keep making them better. If only Sony would get out of the way and share some technology!

John's picture

I'll keep buying CDs and then rip them to a HDD. Streaming audio is the future (with a decent network music player, of course).

RonTaylor's picture

Owner of an Esoteric X03-SE. Will either upgrade current player or buy higher end Esoteric player when finances allow.

MJS's picture

Sure. Modern CD players sound very good and the quality keeps improving, while the cost keeps dropping. I'm sure not going to get rid of my CD collection, so why not make it sound better?

drumguy's picture

This very day, I am ordering a Cambridge Audio 840c to replace my Denon 2910DVD player. I can't wait!

Andy from the North's picture

Downloads mostly suck, and I can't afford to purchase all vinyl.

Jules's picture

With some 600 CDs and no real alternative just yet, i'll still play them. The alternative would be a sort of iPod with good sound an at leat 1Terrabyte and a good menu.

Bubba in SF's picture

It is becoming more & more dificult to find the old-school music store. We may be just stuck with Borders and books are also a dying format. The oldest store in town is closing down because the owner died and his family just wants to lease the building. (no love for music) Half of my equipment came from this store and they always had hard to find CDs. Downloads are easy, but now we are one more step farther from the music. The whole equipment-driven, large speaker, discreet component systems are being replaced by Logitech speakers on the computer that have a 5" speaker they call a subwoofer.I will keep buying LPs & CDs for as long as they are found. (OK, I confess I probably will listen to my computer-stored music also).

Tim Bishop's picture

Billions and billions of CDs served so far, so I guess I should keep open to buying a newer CD player some day.

Chris H's picture

With so many DACs out there that can take the digital music off the computer and put it into the preamp, why would anyone buy a CD player?

John Malc's picture

Onkyo SP-DV1000 new for $300 on Amazon? Yes, I did.

CD Dougy's picture

I love the CD format. As far as I'm concerned, it's the best consumer audio format ever devised. Even with the rise of computer-based audio, it's still nice having a physical back-up; especially one with nice graphics and liner notes. Besides, I'm passionate about my music and consider myself a collector. So I value having some "thing" to collect!

G.A.'s picture

Moved to all-digital between iTunes for casual and Linn Klimax DS for audiophile listening. Only reason I buy CD's is to get an uncompressed 44.1KHz version. Rip and then file. Will stop doing this when I can download lossless versions of mainstream releases. Definitely won't be buying any more CD players.

9637's picture

Record players are still here aren't they? It.stands to reason that disc players will be around for a while yet. Why sacrifice quality for convenience? Quality is the only reason to listen to music, where technology is concerned. Until digitally distributed music is of a higher quality than the CD versions, and very high-quality digital players using solid-state or magnetic storage are readily available, there is no reason to download anything.

Steve NM's picture

The little silver discs will be with us for the foreseeable future. Plus I have more than 2500 already in my collection. They aren't worth anything without something to play em on.

fabio's picture

I imported all my CDs to iTunes. I sold my CD player.

Busychild's picture

It is still my choice medium, as I feel Sony F'd me on SACD.

Nathan's picture

I serve up music from a computer, so I have no need for a CD player. D/A conversion will hopefully continue to improve.

Joe Evans's picture

I'm going to buy something nice in a player for my birthday in September. I just bought a cheapo Magnavox from WalMart it sounds pretty good through my MSB DAC. A new DAC is something else I may add to my birthday goodies. I officially retire in September!

D McGehee's picture

Like'em now more than ever. Use computers at work—it's a relief to know when I drop a disc in my McIntosh MCD-301, it will work without a glitch.

Munf's picture

I still buy CDs, but I download them on my Mac Mini in an uncompressed format. The uncompressed music file sounds identical to my CDs played in my CD player. Therefore, I decided to take advantage of having my entire music collection downloaded and I can zip through all my music at the touch of a finger. I am using my 52" Sony XBR4 LCD as my computer monitor, so my family and friends are blown away with the album cover art, music titles, and, most importantly, the high-fidelity sound coming through the system! I'll never buy another CD player.

G.  Augustine's picture

Probably will buy latest Oppo universal, but not Blu-Ray, player.

paul gilligan's picture

They get better all the time. Look at turntables!

Tim's picture

Absolutely! Streaming may be "the future" of digital hi-fi, but actual discs are a pre for most music fans. Besides, getting good sound from an old-but-great transport plus a new DAC (such as the DacMagic) is in fact simpler and more affordable than tweaking the heck out of a PC.

S.  Chapman's picture

For music, I'm really only interesting in two-channel reproduction, which for now still means CDs and something to play them on.

Rohit's picture

CD reproduction is still a lot better than MP3 downloads.

Gdeering's picture

But I'll buy a good DAC before I buy a new player, now known as a "transport."