Are you still interested in CD players?

Discs may be getting passé, but the technology keeps maturing and most music is still released on CD. Besides, deals on used discs also abound. Are you still interested in CD players?

Are you still interested in CD players?
Yes I plan to keep buying them
48% (240 votes)
Yes, I will buy one last player
12% (60 votes)
Maybe, I'm not sure yet
10% (51 votes)
No, unless my current player dies prematurely
15% (73 votes)
No, I'll never buy another disc player
15% (75 votes)
Total votes: 499

Dismord's picture

I think I've bought my last ever CD player, the Meridian 808.2. If I'm lucky, I've only got another 10 or so years on the planet, so that may not mean much. I am however really turned off by downloading music. I've lived with a system based on that while house sitting and I hated it.

ty sproul's picture

Yes, in fact i'm currently looking at the Marantz SA11S2 or SA15S2 reference series SACD/CD players. They both sound terrific. It will probably come down to $$$ sad to say.

Tom's picture

I have 2000 CDs and 600 SACDs. I just bought a Sony XA5400ES. If I won the lottery, I would also add either a Meitner or dCS.

Rock Singer's picture

I downloaded the new Yusuf album on Itunes the other day and hated listening to it, so I went out and bought a new CD player and the hard copy of the CD and loved it!

Jim Tavegia's picture

I could say "one last playe,r" but that would indicate little time left on the planet, which I hope is not the case. The players keep getting better and the prices more reasonable,ie, the Marantz 8003 a prime example. Who would have thought of a very good sounding changer from them that plays CD, SACD, DVD-A for $400 or less on sale? To be stuck in MP3 land in 2009 makes no sense. Cheap hard-drives and great CD players is the way to go. And then there is the Oppo 980 for near no money and plays every disc except Blu-ray for $180. They should pass a law that with your bail-out money you should get one for free to relieve your stress.

John in d.c.'s picture

I keep good equipment 'til it wears out. My modified Rotel RCD-971 with an LC-Audio Clock and Zapfilter is great. If I learned CD players would disappear off shelves in the next five years, I'd probably get another and put it away. After all, I can't find a new standalone VCR anymore and wound up having to pull one out of the garbage.

Stephen Curling's picture

I'm having a tough time finding the music I like on CD. Downloading may be popular but CDs sound the better. Free and lack of quality go together, but if I'm gonna break the law, I'd better get something good and I haven't seen it yet. I'll stick with CDs while I can.

Neil's picture

I have a lot of CDs that I'm not willing to part with, so yes I will buy one last CD player.

mook's picture

Most of my music is on CD or vinyl—some vinyl going to CD. So I need to retain the ability to play them. DVD players can play CDs, so for the kids' room, a cheap DVD machine will probably work, but it would be nice to keep something made for CDs in the main system.

Ben Funk's picture

They call it a Red Book standard for a reason. For the last six years of my career, I've been selling various music servers and while I thought they were cool, never asked myself why wasn't I buying a server or NAS drive instead of a CD player.

Jim M's picture

My current player is great and if they keep improving, I will keep buying them. Once hi-rez servers become more user friendly I will upgrade my server, too.

Bruce Hazen's picture

CD is the best disc format; it has the most software, and the treble region doesn't irritate me like SACD does.

Mike Agee's picture

I am a bit mystified at the disdain some audiophiles have for for CD. True, some experts say they prefer vinyl and downloading is gaining market share, but I notice Art Dudley still listens to CDs and much of the quality of computer sound is due to advances in CD sound. In the meantime it is impossible to deny that a growing number of popular reviewers have concluded that today's CD players can sound very very good and are getting better. Allowing prejudice to reduce one's appreciation for a hugely comprehensive, affordable, and great sounding music format that is still maturing technically flies in the face of what audiophilia is supposed to be about.

Don's picture

My poor Krell CD player collects dust. I've ripped my CD collection to a losseless format, so there really is no point to CDs anymore. For others, CD will probably become a legacy format like vinyl? Still, I wish there were more high-end digital stream players to choose from. Only Linn, and Naim come to mind—any others?

Doug's picture

As long as you are using a digital connection, it is all the same.

rex's picture

Non-oversampling DACs are great for purists like myself or those who find the higher sounds from CDs unlistenable or unpleasant. I may buy the new Emotiva CD player though,mostly so I have a one box alternative that will play the MP3 official import CDs I have, and it is probably the best single-box CD player under $1000.

df's picture

I've been shopping for a good player that will last a good 10-15 years. But I'm also looking for features like HDCD and possibly SACD. Digital music is great, but not yet delivering the extra oomph that these formats offe—at least not in any convenient/affordable combination. I love my iTunes library, which is vast, but I have a pretty good library of CD (and HDCD, SACD, and DVD Auido) and I still enjoy pulling discs off the shelf, and flipping through the liner notes while I listen.

Jonathan Allen's picture

As long as it is an SACD player.

OvenMaster's picture

I would love to buy another ±$250 CD-only player. Anything more than that, and it's off to eBay I go. I have zero interest in a player that also plays DVDs.

Marino's picture

But I think that I will buy a CD-player/server. Naim HDX.

Eric Shook/30/Raleigh NC's picture

Once I get my Ayre disc player, I'm done. Figure I'll go out with a bang.

henk r's picture

Hard drives are far easier to use.

Leonel Silva Rocha's picture

I actually use four different players!

Antonio G.'s picture

I'm extremely happy with my Linn Akurate CD player. However, ever since I got my Linn Akurate DS, I'm using the CD player less and less. Therefore, I will keep my Linn Akurate CD until it dies on me.

Lim's picture

Will see how the technology will improve first. Currently satisfied with the digital front-end.

Gustavo Vera's picture

I rip all my CDs and play them through my Sonos system. I don't remember having used a CD this year. SACD is another matter though.

Athanassios Triantafyllou / Ionian Chemicals's picture

It depends on availability and quality of downloads. I am not convinced yet.

Fred H.'s picture

I purchase new CDs fairly often, but I don't plan on buying another player unless my current Arcam bites the dust. Discs will always be relevant with me. The development of replacements for the CD either advances too slowly or grinds to a halt after a lot of fanfare. I'm too late in life to consider a wholesale change in my system now. If I were 30 years or so younger, perhaps.

N's picture

CD players are a lose/lose situation—waste of money and time with the added disadvantage of inferior sound quality.

Erik Vermeulen (NL)'s picture

Since you Americans killed the SACD, it will have to do.