Are you ready for an audiophile music server?

Are you ready for an audiophile music server?
Already have one
32% (268 votes)
Bring 'em on
44% (366 votes)
13% (106 votes)
Probably not
6% (49 votes)
2% (18 votes)
2% (19 votes)
Total votes: 826

Now that hi-rez files without DRM are starting to become available for download from several labels, are you ready for an audiophile music server?

Jared Beebe's picture

Would be much easier to use than CD's

Christian's picture

I have a simple and affordable server. An iMac connected to my surround processor with a long toslink cable. I control the iMac with Salling Clicker and my cell phone.

dBruce's picture

Let's see some more reviews.

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i really wish you could do a comparative review of some USB DAC products, e.g, the Fubar DAC, Wavelength Brick, Stello DAC1, PS Audio Digital Link III, simply hooked up to a regular laptop playing .wav or lossless WMA files through windows media player through high quality amps and speakers—there's been nothing like this is in the music press so far and it'd be really helpful

Laura in Spokane's picture

I have yet to hear hi-rez files sound as good as vinyl played on a properly set up, quality LP playback system. Digital is fine for background music while cooking, working out, traveling, etc., but when it is serious listening time, I prefer vinyl by a large margin. Vinyl is outselling SACD and DVD-A combined despite the convenience of the digtal formats. Could it be because vinyl sounds better? That would be my vote.

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Loving it!

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I am waiting for a reasonably priced server with enough storage space.

Robert Rowe's picture

I own a modded Slim Devices Squeeze Box2 but still want to expand my server.

craig's picture

If the price is right, I could easily deal with any related technology issues and would not have to upgrade my whole system, maybe.

Sal D'Agostino's picture

The point of using your computer as a music server is that it can compete with a high-end transport and, in many cases, beat it. An audiophile music server would no doubt cost many, many times more than a computer. I'll stick with my high-end transport. I can now play anything in my collection without first installing plug-ins that don't work, finding out certain files won't play anymore after they played fine the first time, ripping and re-ripping CDs or beginning another endless "journey" to "perfection" in yet another room of the house. Why are we trying to get as close to CDs as possible, anyway? Aren't we trying to get closer to analog anymore?

George Clementi Jr's picture

waiting a little longer to see what else is there.

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Bit perfect copies of a CD are the best sound yet. Beats vinyl with a good DAC, especially the current technolgy DACs.

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I've had a Transporter for close to a year. It sounds wonderful (all the way up to 24/96); however, lately it has been temperamental in the extreme, failing to find my library, falling off the network etc. Hopefully, this is a minor problem which will be quickly resolved.

Eddie from Los Angeles's picture

Absolutely. This is the future, and I look forward to being a part of it. I'm just waiting for the 'right' one to buy.

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I just bought a Kenwood KT-6040 tuner and combined it with a Magnum Dynalab ST-2 antenna. Though it doesn't give me the control I would have with a music server, it gives me ample new music I would normally not listen to. My tapping right foot leads a life of its own since and I'm being seducted time and again by the involvement and joy from my old fashioned little radio combo. Who needs a music server anyway? Radio is an underestimated source because there are few really good tuners around.

Tim's picture

Just need one of my kids to show me how to work the darn thing.

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Sure, I have Transporter, no problem.

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We need more hi-rez files (24/96) to download from the net, while SACD is still the best format to listen to jazz and classical music.

Dave's picture

I'm downloading at DVD-A levels and I also record at DSD 1-bit 5.6MHz levels and downconvert to DVD-A levels. I'd love to both archive and have access to my hi-rez audio files in a music server.

Nenad Grebenar's picture

Very useful and practical staf.

Bill's picture

Finally a way to consolidate my music and have easy access!

Juan Perez (Spain)'s picture

The future is here with systems like the Sooloos and Qsonix.

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Server? Sounds like computer talk. I've never downloaded music and I have no plans to do so. Besides, you can't download an LP! Vinyl doesn't fit through wires!

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I wrote a letter to the editor about two years ago that got published in Stereophile saying this was needed. Glad it's getting more press. I've had a silent PC with DAL CardDeluxe for a while serving this purpose.

Richard's picture

Why not if the sound is as good or better?

tonyE's picture

I made my first one back in '97. In fact, if you know how to spec a PC then you can save tons of money and get a higher quality box with easy to maintain and upgrade "open standards". All of these "custom solutions" are overpriced snake oil. I'm waiting for the "Signature Mk III Music Server" with the "Mpingo Single Crystal Ionized Criogenic Case" to ensure that the bits and bytes are aligned for better soundstaging and deeper notes.

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Sounds Great! I'll take two.

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And no more CDs.