Are you ready for an audiophile music server?

Are you ready for an audiophile music server?
Already have one
32% (268 votes)
Bring 'em on
44% (366 votes)
13% (106 votes)
Probably not
6% (49 votes)
2% (18 votes)
2% (19 votes)
Total votes: 826

Now that hi-rez files without DRM are starting to become available for download from several labels, are you ready for an audiophile music server?

Joe Hartmann's picture

I am just starting to learn about this equipment. I do not own a iPod. My son downloads music frequently, but I have yet to see the need. Maybe by the spring, I will have some idea what it is all about.

Nodaker's picture

Why implement early? Equipment will become better and more user friendly, as will prices, as time goes by. Wait, wait, wait.

Rob's picture

Waiting for the technology to get better and cheaper, so I can put all 1500 CDs in hi-rez on a server.

Bob Parish's picture

My iPod Classic 160GB! With the launch of Wadia Digital's the iTransport, that will be my dream system.

Stephen Curling's picture

I currently use Apple Lossless for my CD collection. As for high-rez I'm not ready yet but if it works for CDs it can work for high-rez.

caxx's picture

Should I wait for video? Can I interface it to Windows Home Server? I stll have questions.

Bob in Stokesdale's picture

Mentally and emotionally, sure! Financially? Well . . .

Daniel, Buenos Aires Argentina's picture

But I don´t download music. I use my own CDs in a big hard disk and the Squeezebox conected to my Arcam+Tannoy. It is great. For the road, iPod Classic with looseless files, although iTunes sucks. I would like something more transparent.

Gil's picture

As long as the resolution of available downloads exceeds that of a CD, I'm interested. Otherwise, I don't see the point and I'll continue to buy my music in CD or other (hi-rez) disc formats.

Louis P.'s picture

As I work in IT, I really don't want to mess with computers at home, just surf stuff I don't look at in the office (hey, I'm supposed to be working right?). But given the really sad state of radio, there is enough incentive to come up with my own alternative. One thing that puzzles me though, is that computers add all sorts of EMI and RFI to the power lines and airwaves, and we audiophiles are spending all of those dollars on fancy power cords and conditioners to get rid of all of that bad stuff.

SRV's picture

Already got one and legally downlaod 24-bit 96khz .WAV files as we speak.

Mark's picture

Wav, Flac or higher.

Russ's picture

Needs to be a product that can connect wirelessly, have ample storage access, directly or indirectly through the network, provide high-quality translation of digital music as a high-end CD player, and lastly have a user-friendly interface

Bob Lennox's picture

With the serious decline of music retailers coupled with the new and dramatic improvement in audio quality in the form of Dolby Digital TrueAudio and DTS Master Audio, it's time to move to higher ground. Instead of clinging to the past, we should embrace the new and work to improve it. High quality audio manufacturers should define their new servers with superior sound and adopt these new technologies. Within five years servers will be the new standard as physical media. If high-end audio wants to attract new customers, this is their opportunity.

N.  Wolfe's picture

If I knew what equipment to buy, how to store it safely, how to hook it up to my existing system, how to visually access it, and what the equivalent resolution would be relative to CD Red Book. So far, all the reviews and articles in Stereophile don't provide this info in a clear manner. I can't be the only one confused on this issue!

Axel Corzo de la Fuente's picture

CDs are over.

Olav Sunde's picture

Infrant/Netgear ReadyNas NV for file storage and FLAC files streamed to a Squeezebox. Brilliant!

Geno's picture

And it's wireless.

Joe's picture

This is definitely the way digital music should be played moving forward!

Jason Kodess's picture

I have the Olive OPUS. Have had it for 1.5 years.

adam's picture

I have six zones of Sonos. All FLAC files feeding three high-end systems, one headphone amp, and two mid-fi systems. not as elegant as the more expensive systems but totally reliable w/excellent sound quality (feeding DACs).

John G's picture

AppleTV. Works great.

Steve's picture

About time!

David's picture

I don't know if MP3 or MP4 can be catogorized as audiophile. I think the content has to be TrueHD, or uncompressed Red Book, etc. formats. MP3 and MP4 don't sound exactly like the original. They are supposed to be for portables and cheap computer speaker formats.

Paul Van Dyck's picture

MacBook, with iTunes, Apple lossless and Apogee mini Dac through firewire.

Tom's picture

I have a Sonos system that has worked out very well. I have a summer cabin with a very good stereo system but limited storage space for a large CD collection (let alone LPs). Instead, I added a Sonos receiver to my existing system in the cabin and copied a substantial portion of my music library onto a server. The result has been excellent—I can access a large music collection at my fingertips, and the sound quality has been very satisfying (I used FLAC lossless compression when ripping to the server). My next step will be a high quality external D/A converter (as the Sonos has a digital output), which will provide even greater enjoyment.

Martin van der Linden's picture

I am a very satisfied user of the Slim Devices Transporter (clock + power supply upgraded with the TentLabs counterpart). I play my CDs, ripped with EAC, uncompressed directly from HDD. Works and sounds fanatstic!

DAB, Pacific Palisades, CA's picture

Looks like technochracy has arrived full force. Will the real Stereophile please stand up?

S.  Leikanger's picture

Set myself up with a stand alone server of 2TB, connected via ethernet/wireless to various outlets in the house, including one that's capable of 32bit/192kHz resolution playback. Definitely the way to go - controlling it all with an iPod Touch/Remote Buddy configuration that gives me two-way control of all my music (over a thousand CDs) via wireless.

Guy La Rue's picture

it's about time! What are they waiting for?