Are you ready for an audiophile music server?

Are you ready for an audiophile music server?
Already have one
32% (268 votes)
Bring 'em on
44% (366 votes)
13% (106 votes)
Probably not
6% (49 votes)
2% (18 votes)
2% (19 votes)
Total votes: 826

Now that hi-rez files without DRM are starting to become available for download from several labels, are you ready for an audiophile music server?

Raymond Legault's picture

I will wait a little longer. Prices will go down and capacity will go up.

Lawrie Allen's picture

With over 2000 vinyl records,1000 CDs, and two cabinets full of reel to reel tapes, I probably won't bother, since new good music is rare enough anyway.

Brian Schmidt's picture

The convenience factor alone is worth any minor sound compromises and the price of admission which, in the case of the SqueezeBox with a decent external DAC, is pretty low!

Roy Tatum's picture

Depends on price, reliability, & ease of use

Kurt Carlson's picture

I'm 45 and will continue to enjoy holding ( and listening) to my LPs and reading liner notes, but I would have no problem enjoying hi-rez from a server.

Richard H in Charlotte's picture

Yes I am, in one respect, but there really isn't any benefit except for laziness. I would still want to remain using the CD/SACD disks as they will last longer. You know a HDD will fail when you least expect it.

Mark's picture

Does this mean all I have to do is update my D/A converter?

Jørgen Skadhauge's picture

Yes to hi-rez but real-music and not only hi-fi music!

Jared Gerlach's picture

I still want something tangible! Maybe a server in addition to the usual suspects (CDs, vinyl), but not all by its lonesome.

RL Marks's picture

Absolutely, but we need more variety. Linn's quality level and optional download scheme needs to spread throughout the industry. Compliments to Linn!

mok's picture

Already started using my MacBook streaming apple lossless into a DAC.

Greg Crouser's picture

Welcome to the present. Using the computer as a transport to send a bit-perfect signal to a DAC is not a new idea.

F.  Chasinovsky, Van Nuys, CA's picture

I might as well read Greek.

Dave H's picture

Yes, I'm just waiting for some of the high-end companies to start producing them. It seems most of the units now are deficient in either D/A or usability in software, so hopefully we should be seeing some great choices in the following year.

Jeremy's picture

If it's as relaiable as a hifi component, yes. If it's as unreliable as a PC, Mac, or game console, no. Data loss and changing formats/resolutions are the big issues for me.

Roland's picture

I have a Squeezebox driving either a Benchmark Media DAC or a Bel Canto DAC 3, and it blows away my old set-up for both sonics and ease of access to the music I love!

Chris Morton's picture

I bought into SACD and DVD-A. The music industry shafted the consumer with the launch and soon after death of these formats. Once bitten, twice shy...

Al Earz's picture

I remeber that stacking your records on those added to the scratching of the play area. So no servers for me. One record at a time.

Michael's picture

As long as it offers an easy way to convert my CD collection to some lossless compression format eg, FLAC. I put in my disc, select a few parameters on the LCD screen of the device, and bingo, the disc is converted and filed.

Kenn - Brisbane, Australia's picture

Yes with thousands of CDs and LPs, I'm looking forward to the easy access of all this material, as well as adding high resolution downloads.

Geordy Duncan's picture

Nope. If it don't have tubes or a vinyl cutting lathe attached to it, it's out.

Mike's picture

I'm considering it for a future house I'm building. Just don't know if I can get away from the "caress" factor of handling silver discs and beautifully machined players.

Paul J.  Stiles, Mtn.  View, CA's picture

If there are not "competing formats," restrictions that prevent me from listening to the mucic that I purchase when I want and where I want and such, then I'm interested.

MarSOnEarth's picture

So ready I already have one. I have over 4000 albums in 16/44.1 (CDs)-24/176 (vinyl) flac/ape/ogg q6-9/mp3 V0 files on a media server cataloged and played with MediaMonkey through a custom built WinXP silent box which has become my main source/transport device. Ultimate "couch potato" audiophile rig. And no, it has nothing to do with hi-rez music available online. I already have mine. I'm still to transcode the remaining ~3000 vinyl albums. Will I ever? So much music, so little time.

Anthony P's picture

Getting the MAC MS-750.

Nathan Jones's picture

Audiophiles have always been constrained to work with consumer formats. By using a software format audiophiles are finally freed from this constraint and can have the quality they desire at a realistic price.

EG's picture

I accept the inevitable evolution of audio that this equipment will represent. I will wait a long time to purchase until I'm sure: 1) all the DRM and other music industry BS has been resolved, 2) the major audiophile equipment manufacturers will create true high-end hardware and software that improves upon what I have now, and 3) the audiophile press reviews and approves of the first generation systems.

Gerard G.'s picture

I'm now looking seriously at this category.

Walter Fumy's picture

Doesn't actually need to be a "server," media storage may (if not should) be separate.

Douglas Bowker's picture

Using a laptop right now but more storage and higher rez output is attractive. Will still mostly be for background though—my analog setup will take top billing for some time to come I think.