Are you interested in products that can digitally equalize your system based on an analysis of your listening room?

Are you interested in products that can digitally equalize your system based on an analysis of your listening room?
Have already purchased
5% (11 votes)
Very interested
49% (111 votes)
23% (53 votes)
Slightly interested
9% (20 votes)
Not interested
14% (31 votes)
Total votes: 226

Several companies, such as TacT, SigTech, and Perpetual Technologies, are offering products that can digitally equalize your speakers to counteract problems in your listening room. Is this of interest to you?

Bengt's picture

They're way too expensive for me. Yet.

robert power's picture

why not, my listening space is far from perfect

J.  Goldsmith's picture

Would like an analog "pass through" for non-digital sources, too.

Michael Lenehan's picture

I have been designing loudspeakers for 18 years and I believe the perpetual technologies P-1A will totally revolutionize my field,I hope my unit arrives within the month.

Victor "NeiBwe" Chen's picture

What's the status of dolby headphones? Where do they fall (compared to speakers.) Wouldn't the extra processing involved hamper dither? What about the different HRTF functions required? If they make a "[general/universal]" hrtf rating, doesn't that mean they'll be cutting corners too?

Olli Leminen's picture

Having auditioned a setup utilizing TacT correction equipment, I can do little else but to recommend it to everyone who have that much extra cash to spend...

Ron R.  Phx AZ's picture

Of course! The room interface is the most important aspect of satisfying high-end sound. Most components now acheive a reasonable level of clarity, get the tonality basically right etc.. but only a properly set-up stereo can acheive the soundstaging that define the truely high end system. If digital room correction can help acheive that, then it will be worth every penny.

Kurt Christie's picture

My listening space is in my attic. It has a very complex roof configuration and wall outline, as well as a staircase. It is great for combatting standing waves but defies conventional acoustic analysis. If digital equalization can tell me how to improve the sound, and I mean improve, not just change, I am interested.

Iron Tooth Tim's picture

Too many boxes leaves too little time for the music. Remember the music?

Mitch C's picture

If these products can allow me to avoid having to use absorption devices,etc.,which my wife doesn't want to have hanging on the walls and taking up space in the corners then I would have a definate interest.I've just moved ino a house that has high ceilings in the listening room and there are room problems that need to be corrected.