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Are two speaker arrangements for 1 receiver possible?

Hello I am setting up a new room with a TV in the corner and 2 different seating positions with in-ceiling speakers. I have not installed the in-ceiling speakers yet but im getting ready to. I was wondering if there is a receiver that can handle multiple speaker arrangements? Such that I can switch to either one easily depending on where I am sitting? Each one will have slightly different speaker arrangements.

Each seating arrangement will share the same center channel and seating "A" 's front right speaker will be seating "B" 's front left speaker. And Seating B will use its own speaker for front right. both setups will use different speakers for the rears.

This is my first post here, so Im not sure if im able to post an image of this, but i will try anyways:

If there is a way to easily swap between the 2 setups, please let me know!


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