Are there any components on your shopping list right now?

Are there any components on your shopping list right now?
21% (54 votes)
12% (30 votes)
9% (24 votes)
CD player/converter
6% (15 votes)
Turntable/cartridge, etc.
9% (22 votes)
9% (24 votes)
Combination of above
9% (23 votes)
Video gear
5% (12 votes)
SACD/DVD-Audio player
10% (26 votes)
Nothing right now
11% (28 votes)
Total votes: 258

In answering last week's VOTE! question, many indicated that they're looking for new equipment. What, if anything, are you currently considering?

Anonymous's picture

why to throw away my ol

a.f.  king's picture

the equipment reviews include too much classical, need to jam with more rock.

Luc St-Laurent's picture

I am presently considering buying the NAD 116 preamp to match my NAD 214 power amplifier.

YC's picture

Choose only one of the above? You've got to be kidding.

Chris Maskell (NZ)'s picture

I,m looking to upgrade my av amp by buying a separate 2 channel amp just for music

Kevin O'Toole's picture

I purchased a Rotel RCD-971 this spring. Boston had a very hot summer and the player seemed to run out of steam during peak usage periods. A power-line conditioner is next on my list—possibly a Monster Cable HTS-1000.

Denis Genereux's picture

Tubes . . . finally tubes.

David S.  Dodd's picture

After more than 25 years of solid-state pre/power amplification, I purchased an ARC tube preamp at the start of this year. What a revalation . . . I hadn't realized what a huge impact this could have on my listening pleasure. Within a few days an ARC100 amp was on my "must have" list. Unfortunately, in the same time-frame, due to a corporate disaster, I found myself out of work for the first time ever. So until I find that (elusive) appropriate new job, the amp remains on my most-wanted list. I'm sure that the waiting will make it sound that much sweeter.

Patrick's picture

I'm looking for a new amp to replace my old B&K ST-140. I recently purchased a set of Martin-Logan CLSes, and they suck the wind out of the B&K. I'm looking at a Bryston 4B. It looks like a good value.

Mats Neander's picture

To make my self-built/-designed speakers sound like they're expected to, a new amp is needed to replace my poor little H/K 6150. Sounding good for its lousy $250 (used), it really should be replaced by something more powerful & refined, especially in the upper Hz. Considered are, among others: Electrocompaniet EC-2, Densen Beat100, Copland's new integrated, & the Edison 60 tube kit. Knowing that I would fare better if I doubled the investment from $550 to $1100, this is what might just be the best way to balance funds and sound quality relative to my speakers/CD/turntable for the forseeable future. Norwegian, Danish, & British/Swedish seems to be the way to go if you both want very good sound and do Not want to become too cashed-out to still manage to buy the music to enjoy from these little boxes that so many of us musiclo—sorry, audiophiles, like to adore & debate. I really wonder, though, if that extra money would lift performance enough, or if I had to get myself an even better CD and part with the speakers for something terribly dear. I'd better not think of it, and just keep on refining with better placement, cables, and the likes. But I must get out & have that new amp, NOW . . .

Dace W.'s picture

I've waited to upgrade my CD player. SACD looks like the direction I'll go, but I can't make that decision until I've listened for many hours.

Dave Duvall's picture

Have reached a level of sonic happiness that should carry me for a while. (Sha, right . . . like you've never heard that one before!) ;-)

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I'm sure you would be inundated with requests, however, the greatest service you could afford me would be a personalized response to my questions on matching certain components with others. From what I read in your magazine, you claim that you can't offer this service now, but I would be willing to pay extra for your expert advice. In fact, I am hereby officially suggesting that you offer two levels of subscriber service: 1) magazine only; 2) magazine plus x hours of consultation time. These membership levels would be priced accordingly. In essence, you would become like audiophile attorneys on retainer. You could even take it one step further and convert the "second level" of membership to a "billable hours" approach. It would be fun to see which of your staff was sought out more for consultation. I think this would be an approach favored by a majority of your readers, and would provide an additional income stream for your publication.

T's picture

I want to upgrade everything.

James Whitehouse's picture

I have decided on the Meridian 508.24. I have never heard a CD player this musical—it's wonderful!

Thomas T.'s picture

I'm always looking (listening) at speakers.

Chetan Isharani's picture

I will wait until progressive-scan DVD players are out. Hi-end DVD players should leave the audio DAC to separate digital preamps and spend the money on transport and platter stability.

tom z's picture

do a review on the wonderful naim nait and intro loudspeakers simply wonderful equipment for the money

Bill Brooks's picture

What to do? I know I need a digital upgrade, but with the uncertainty of the digital formats?????

Paul Foley, Whiteman AFB, MO's picture

Jeez, I'm an audiophile. I am always looking for new components. It has been a busy year for me, I've added a surround-sound system, put a CD jukebox in for my wife's convenience, upgraded my amp, and went back to tubes. Am I satisfied? No! I want another pair of speakers that will pass on more of the musical detail that the C-Js are delivering to them. I am looking at the CD player in my main system and thinking it's time to upgrade it as well. I have been an audiophile my whole life—bought my first audio equipment over 30 years ago and have been a subscriber to Stereophile for 20 years. Has there been a time I haven't been looking for something or other? Not so far!

Patrick D'Annunzio's picture

What can really be said about these things. I simple keep blowing the ones I have bought.....

Anonymous's picture

I hope that Sony wins this time since I do not want my car and boombox players to be obsolete.

Thomas Dale's picture

Just ordered a new pair of Audio Physic Virgo 2.5s. New and improved midrange/tweeter, still great value for money!

lb's picture

Looking to upgrade everything, speakers and amps are too closely tied together to not think about both of them at the same time.

Mad Guru's picture

A subwoofer in the Genesis 900 is needed to augment my all Magnepan Home theatre speaker system.

Gary Ang's picture

Now that I'm through with college, I'm going through with an overhaul of my whole system. My current Sony CDP-XA7ES stays as the front end. The first to change are the amps. I'm replacing my present biamped integrated/power amp setup with a C-J Premier 11a, driven directly by the 7ES. Joining in later will probably be a pair of Sonus Faber Signum. A preamp and a pair of subs might also be in the works much later.

Andrew Bacon's picture

Big Dunlavys or Duntechs, please. The Rowlands are getting pissed.

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I am very interested in purchasing a new preamp. I have heard so much about the new BAT VK-50SE I am truly want to know more about this component. If anyone out there in audio land has had experience with this unit please contact me at Keep up the good work, Stereophile, and never stop reviewing components in the +$10k range. I love that ultra cutting edge stuff. It gives me goals to shoot for.l

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I'm looking for a good headphone amplifier. I'm torn between hybrids, tube, and solid-state architectures. But then, that's what makes audio such fun!

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My DVD player has convinced me that I need AC3 surround sound.