Are there any components on your shopping list right now?

Are there any components on your shopping list right now?
21% (54 votes)
12% (30 votes)
9% (24 votes)
CD player/converter
6% (15 votes)
Turntable/cartridge, etc.
9% (22 votes)
9% (24 votes)
Combination of above
9% (23 votes)
Video gear
5% (12 votes)
SACD/DVD-Audio player
10% (26 votes)
Nothing right now
11% (28 votes)
Total votes: 258

In answering last week's VOTE! question, many indicated that they're looking for new equipment. What, if anything, are you currently considering?

A.Nunez's picture

thinking of upgrading my rl-11 to tubes(rogue or golden)or downgrading to, depending on ones point of view.

Larry Sherwood's picture

I recently subscribed to the print edition of Stereophile in large part so I could make a better decision two years down the road on which speakers to buy. An SACD player will have to wait until my system can profit from them!

Edward Ramos's picture

The problem is where to go locally to audition the Oracles, Immedias, Basises, Linns, Michells, etc. of audio.

Uncle Radio Remus, philosofer's picture

My woofs are wobbling and my tweets are squeakin'. It time to step up to brand-new speakins.

Frank Mason's picture

This year I have upgraded to a YBA Integre DT and the Arcam Alpha 9 player. My next step is to improve my speakers. I am considering several, with the Nautilus 805 heading the list. Next, a new turntable. Will it ever end?

Bart's picture

I've just ventured in to elctro-stat territory and am exploring the world of power conditioners. The first in home audtionsuggest this arena deserves siginificant attention!

John's picture

Right now I'm just trying to enjoy my system and remind myself that It sounds just wonderful. (Besides, I married a daughter off last weekend at the cost of a couple of new components.)

Bjorn Wiman's picture

Just bought a pair of WATT/Puppies 6.

Mannie Smith,'s picture

Yes, I'm in the market for a decent used turntable combination (to replace my old Technics SL-D2 direct-drive) for a small LP collection left over from the '50s and '60s. If it sounds as good as the vinyl types say , I may join them. Who knows?

James Van's picture

Unfortunately, the parts of my system that I am in need of upgrading (wow, I said "need" . . . I really am lost) are my processor and my TV. I say "unfortunately" because it seems to me that those are the two areas of rapid technological advancement. With digital hi-fi gear becoming more of an option and with SACD on the horizon, the integration of a stereo preamp and HT processor seems imminent and enticing. We'll see. Rear projection or front projection? With HDTV in its infancy, too early to tell. (Still too expensive for the good stuff, anyway.) Right now I have to be content with what I've got!

Tom Selnau's picture

Preamp with Dolby Digital.

George E.  Bennett's picture

I'm upgrading my home theater system, while attempting to make it more musical. This year, I bought a Maggie 1.6Q and moved my Maggie MG1s to the rear. In the next 12 months, I will be adding two more amplified channels (probably by trading my Rotel 3-channel for a Bryston 5-channel) and buying a musical, AC3 preamp-processor to replace my Luxman Pro Logic surround amplified. That would leave me with only a center speaker (probably another Maggie) and a front projector for the future.

Nick Arenare's picture

Vinyl still sounds great to me. I need to upgrade my turntable so my vinyl "treasures" can be further explored.

Calvin Flemmings's picture

Trying to find best turntable/cartridge combination for $1500.

Charles Purvis Kelly, Jr.'s picture

Right now, I am still considering a CD player and experimenting with cable to get the correct tonal/stage perspective from my system. Somewhere along the line I may consider an SACD audio player. But, as I said before, it would have to be back-compatible and the prices of the machines will have to come down before I will consider getting one. Right now, a high-end CD player will just have to do. I am looking at a Rotel RCD-991, RCD-971, and a Parasound CDP-2000 Ultra. In the meanwhile, stay tuned . . .

Andrew Johnson's picture

Was fairly close to purchasing a pair of EgglestonWorks Isabels . . . when all of a sudden, the company's in trouble. Back to the drawing/listening board.

Kevin J.  Ream's picture

I was at the AES show last week and had a chance to hear both the Sony Stereo SACD player and the Philips multichannel. They both sounded superb, very much like analog. My only dilema is whether to wait to see if SACD catches on or not. Then, do I go with stereo or multichannel???

Peter Klucken's picture

I'm happy with my system!

CSO's picture

My friends and I are buying a ton of gear, except it is all being purchased over the Net. The usual 100% profit margins are a thing of the past.

Rick Davis's picture

Parasound Ultra 2000 Adcom 750 Classe cdp-1

ron's picture

i have a micromega stage2 totem arrows marantz sr92mk11 looking to spend around 2000 on knew gear can you help?

Stephen Curling's picture

video tape sux...DVD now takes center stage!

Jim Crawley's picture

When the format has sorted itself out I will be quite interested. My interest lies with high-resolution two-channel reproduction, not with multichannel surround-sound, however.

Kevin's picture

I would Like To see a review for some crown/amcron equipment.

Ryan Del Re's picture

Heard good things about Rega Planar 3 deck. I'm a product of the digital world, but with all of the good things I've heard about analog, I want to give it a try (with a decent deck).

Sasha Matson's picture

Let those digital giants eat each other alive in the latest format wars. I want a decent analog front-end!

Nils Lima's picture

I am on a continuous jorney to audio nirvana. It never ends. I look for anything that will give me better sound, anywhere I may find it.

Paul Lucey's picture

Next up: DVD and a DTS/Dolby digital receiver (like the Rotel piece recently reviewed by your competitor). Yes, a receiver. Home-theater separates? Forget about it! It's just movies.

Davis's picture

Looking to possibly switch from using a passive to a pt.-to-pt. wired SET preamp from Decware. Then get my McCormack DNA-1 Deluxe upgraded by SMc Audio to Rev.A level.

Timothy F.  O'Connor's picture

I am looking for a preamp to replace my Audio Research LS3. Also, I am looking to upgrade my Muse Model Two Plus DAC to the Two Ninety Six.