Are there any classic components that you prefer to newer products?

In the June issue of <I>Stereophile</I>, another classic component is reviewed (the Eico HF-81 amplifier). Even though they don't measure up by today's standards, many audiophiles prefer certain classic designs. Are there any classic components that you prefer to newer products?

Are there any classic components that you prefer to newer products?
Yup, here it is
28% (33 votes)
Yup, there are several
51% (60 votes)
Nope, I go for newer stuff
21% (24 votes)
Total votes: 117

Warner Holfeld's picture

I actually own a vintage system and a modern system. The modern system sounds much better. The vintage system is enjoyable, though.

Nick Green's picture

The original QUAD Electrostatic (ELS-57).

Jeff's picture

Sophia Loren

Tom Brennan's picture

I consider Altec Iconics, Duplexes, VOTs, and such far superior to modern cone and dome speakers.

Leon's picture

Four original Large Advent Loudspeakers (30yrs+)! Other than new woofers, all components are original. Wired in phase of course.

Chad Haas's picture

My New York Audio Labs Moscode amplifier still rules the roost as far as I'm concerned.

ce's picture

Hafler P-500 and Hafler DH-500, rebuilt by Van Alstine.

Richard K's picture

McIntosh receivers such as the 1500, 1700, and 1900.

scott's picture

A true two-channel mega power reciever

radsfan's picture

These vintage tube units just have that je ne sais quoi that sounds so sweet. They are also fun to find and restore, too.

F.  Chasinovsky, Van Nuys,'s picture

Marantz 9Bs. Need I say more?

Brian H.'s picture

Harman/Kardon Citation 17 preamp, Citation 18 tuner, Citation 19 amplifier, or Citation 16a amplifier.

Alexander's picture

Just about anything (with the obvious exception of disc players) built in the '70s will out-perform new black/silver plastic crap. Give me vintage any day.

ACF's picture

Updated, modernised classic components like Harbeth and Macintosh continue to have appeal and are benchmarks.

pgaron's picture

I still enjoy listening to music on my vintage Large Advent loudspeakers, which I purchased in the early 1970s in my first venture into audiophilia. They're especially nice when compared to today's woofer-deficient, bass-starved budget speakers. On the Advents, Mahler really rocks!

Mark's picture