Are SACD and DVD-Audio in a format war or not?

Are SACD and DVD-Audio in a format war or not?
Yes, this is war!
55% (173 votes)
12% (37 votes)
Not sure
12% (38 votes)
Probably not
11% (34 votes)
No, there is no conflict!
10% (33 votes)
Total votes: 315

Industry representatives for both SACD and DVD-Audio claim they are not in a format war with each other. Do you disagree with them?

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This is a full scale war !!!

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Both are just small contenders anyway. Red book CDs are still way above the competition in terms of availability and price. I've been waiting since 1998 to replace my CD player, hoping that one of the new formats would come out as a winner. In the end, I think I'm gonna go for oversampling and save thousands of dollars.

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Floormat war?

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What would happen if you had a war and nobody showed-up?



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SACD and DVD-A supporters should completely ignore one another. The mass consumer doesn't care if one is better than the other. They only compare each format to CD. Whichever format wins against CD automatically makes the other irrelevant. Personally, I think DVD-A is gaining ground vs CD by stealth. As more and more manufacturers add DVD-A as a standard feature on their DVD players the DVD-Audio installed base grows faster and faster. Give it a year or two and you will literally have millions of average Joes sitting at home with DVD-Audio players. Now all that's left to do is produce some content and market it to the unwashed masses telling them their DVD player "might already support it—check for the DVD-Audio logo".

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DVD-A is more of a surround spectacular. SACD is aimed toward the audiophile.

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what else could it be called when artists use one format over another?

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What they do not tell us is that, they would both rather have you invest in thier technology and software! I seriously doubt that the SCAD crowd would recommend that you forgo them to but into the DVD-A crowd, and visa versa. I guess then that this makes this conflict like the Korean War, a police action.

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Yes, and greed, not cooperation is the commanding office! It seems a little like Major League Ball about to go out on strike. They will shoot themselves in the foot, hurt the consumer, and make even less money. The difference is that with baseball, so far, at least we get to see some hits!

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It would be a conflict if I thought that either format had any chance of survival. These industries assume that we want multichannel music. I can't position five speakers and a sub in my room properly. Look at all the problems with just two. Extreme compromise, I think. But I really want to replace my existing source and amplification as well as drop more cash on three more speakers and a sub. Come on, get real! Quality over quantity. Let the war rage on and I'll sit back and listen to my stereo.

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Who cares about them?

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Well, how could it be a war if there is not really a (fair) comparison? (apart from the selling point of view, eg: business=business!) DVD-A is pcm-based en therefore old-fashioned en nothing new to offer to audiophiles. But is this whole "war" not just commercially driven? (so it is eally about audiophilic performance?)....

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World war.

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Only one format will suceed in the long run, so they are in a war. Who ever get the most titles out will win. If one has cheaper titles than the other, that will help, too. I wish that someone would put this much effort into Smell-A-Vision.

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if not there would have been a standard by now so true audiofiles could enjoy both

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Sort of like a war. If two unarmed opponents can wage war, then there is a SACD and DVD-A war. What if you held a war and nobody came?

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SACD and DVD-A are actually friends. They try to fight a format war against CD, but lose miserablly so far. If consumers don't have a high resolution playback SYSTEM, what's the use of a high-resolution front-end? I assume SACD will win as an Audiophile's niche format, just like Laser Disc used to be.

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They can war all they want. BUT, until I see massivee quantities of freshly recorded new music, I'm not commiting either way!

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It's not a war, It's just business.

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Of course they are. Look at videotape and videodiscs. Beta vs VHS, Laserdisc vs DVD. The public doesn't buy into something if there is more than one choice. Give them information and multiple choices and they short-circuit and postpone the purchase.

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Since I have only hear each format once in my life at your recent New York Show I have no idea what this is. A recent purchase of a CD transport and my old Linn keep me busy listening to music. I'm not a movie fan maybe I will purchase a new HDTV this fall, but I am in no rush . I saw enough of Hidden tiger at your show. If action movie are the only benefit then I may just get a new tonearm.

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So, if it's not a format war, then I'd go and buy both? I don't think so. But with the limited software availability, high prices, and watermarking, why buy either?

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Yes, there is a war and both sides lost.

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Can anybody really believe how stupid this whole thing is. How can people with the brains to make such merchandise, be so totally incapable of finding a way of marketing it? It just doesn't deserve to succeed, with such total ineptness at the helm. Very tiresome. Pathetic. Boring.

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They may be sincere in their claims, but I suspect they may find themselves in a war of attrition of sorts because the consumer market (as opposed to professional) most likely will not support both formats.

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It is a war when buyers have to choose one format over the other. The war will be over when universal players become widely available.

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Definitely a war. Let's also not minimize the war between recording these formats in surround vs stereo. Personally, I have too much invested in regular CDs to start replacing my favorites in SACD/DVD-Audio. I wish they developed the new formats earlier instead of having so much time elapse from regular CD to SACD. I've collected way too many CDs and I know I am not alone in this. I already have some recordings on tape, vinyl, and CD.