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Are Different Speaker Cable Lengths a Problem with Anti-Cables?

I am in the market to purchase speaker cables to connect Thiel CS1.6 speakers to an Arcam A70 integrated amp. Since the audio rack is next to my left speaker, purchasing different lengths of speaker cable would be ideal, provided that there is no degradation in sound quality. Anti-Cable wire gets great reviews online, and is in my price range. Their website indicates that different speaker cable lengths are no problem, because the dielectric is incredibly thin. Does this make sense? I could save money and wire tangles by purchasing 6 foot and 9 foot cables, or buy a pair of 9 foot cables.

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Re: Are Different Speaker Cable Lengths a Problem with Anti-Cabl

In general I operate under the belief that the manufacturer knows their product better than anyone else. However, if you're talking about a couple of feet why take the CHANCE it MIGHT affect the sound. Even when dealing with networked cables like Transparent and MIT where one of the network's job is to compensate for the length I'd still advise against it, though less strongly. I'm more anal about these kind of details than most, but I believe that doing lots of really small stuff right can add up to better sound for very little trouble or expense.

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Re: Are Different Speaker Cable Lengths a Problem with Anti-Cabl

Yeah- ditto that. Different lengths are a bad idea no matter what the cable. You set up some issue with timing, impedance and how the amp and speakers interact.

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