Arcam’s FMJ A49 Mega integrated amplifier

Arcam used to CES to launch a “statement” integrated amplifier, the FMJ A49. Priced at $5000, the A49 offers 200Wpc into 8 ohms (with the first 50W in class-A), 400Wpc into 4 and features a class-G output stage, fully balanced topology, MM/MC phono stages, and a onboard power supply for Arcam’s rSeries of wired and wireless DACs. While Arcam’s lower-priced products are made in China, the new amplifier is the first products to be manufactured in the USA, at the parent company’s facility in Rochester, New York. It was demmed at CES with Canton 9.2 two-way stand-mounted speakers; listening to a 24/96 file of the Doors’ “Riders on the Storm” decoded by Arcam’s D33 DAC, I was struck first by how well John Densmore’s drums had been recorded 45 years ago and second, by how dynamic, how well-defined those drums sounded on this system, even with sub-optimal room acoustics.

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It is with vindication that I see the pairing of Arcam amplification with Canton speakers.  No doubt the manufacturers of these fine products decided to exhibit their products together after learning how complementary they are.

Arcam amplification is highly accurate and room-filling in an understated and subtle way.  Canton speakers are on the brighter side, though capable of great sound stage at lower volumes.  10 year old Canton speakers perform well against newer, and more expensive,  models from other reputable manufacturers.  A little known fact is the very deep bass of which nearly all Canton stand mount speakers are capable of reproducing. 

It is unfortunate that Canton does not list their US retailers on the Canton US website to enable the wider distribution of their products in the US.  Canton deserves a measure of credit for taking the step of offering their enduring Ergo line on  How long will other speaker manufacturers (B&W, Dynaudio, KEF, etc.) be able to hold out?

I have heard this pairing of Arcam and Canton many times.  I regret I was unable to hear the top-line products described in this article.  I can imagine and appreciate the sharp definition, ample sound stage, weighty but well-defined bass, all delivered through speakers that unobtrusively faded into the life-like musical ensemble that emerged in the CES listening room.

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That i hardly feel anyone would need to buy the products. Surely the ability to imagine and appreciate renders all else moot.

As for the poster's sense of vindication, I agree, the lynching of those who purchase Arcam or Canton product, or more daringly, Arcam and Canton products together, must cease.