Aragon Lives

Many, many moons ago, in the days when Stereophile was a small digest rather than a full-sized magazine and lively website, I owned an Aragon 4004 dual-monoblock amplifier. Oh how I wish I had never sold my 4004, with circuitry designed by Dan d'Agostino, and instead mated it with a front end, speakers, and cabling that could have revealed all that it had to offer.

You, thankfully, have an opportunity to find out just how good the circuitry is. The just-introduced Aragon 8008, a software-upgradable, 200Wpc dual monoblock amplifier ($4999) with dual, symmetrical power supply and ethernet-based control and status monitoring, is now produced by Indy Audio Labs, who bought the brand from Klipsch in 2009. "We've taken them where we think they would have gone technologically with today's connected devices," I was told.

At RMAF 2012, John Atkinson took note of the company's flagship Iridium 400W differential monoblock amplifier. This handsome successor to the Palladium again boasts the distinctive "classic Aragon V" chassis design.

FlyhiG's picture

Good to see the comeback of Aragon and Acurus. Well built and great sounding gear home grown. A bit more affordable as well. Acurus was the first brand I came across that really revealed that there is a difference in the sound of solid state components. They are without a doubt a cut above the run of the mill.