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Applying Last Preservative

Hi all,

Within the past few weeks, I finally picked up a record cleaning machine. The general process I've been using for cleaning thus far is Last's Power Cleaner, standard all-purpose record cleaning machine fluid (a bottle came with the machine; after that is gone I have a half-gallon bottle of Nitty Gritty Pure 2), and finally, Last Preservative. The first two steps are quite simple, but with the rate that the Last Preservative evaporates, I was wondering if anyone has any way of telling whether or not they've even treated an entire side of a record? Any advice or tips/tricks would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.


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Re: Applying Last Preservative

It's 20 years or so since I last 'Lasted' but I sure can't remember it evaporating before coating a side. Maybe they've changed the formula?
I can't say though that I can hear any difference between my Last treated LP's and those that never 'had the advantage'. I clean all my LP's on a VPI vacuum machine with my own home made fluid and no longer find the need for anti-static treatment or any other exotic processes. Just keeping the LP's and stylus clean is all I now bother with. Save a lot of money too.

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