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appletv for lossless audio streaming

I have been wanting to get a device that allowed me to stream my iTunes library (Apple lossless and 320K AAC) from my Mac to to my main audio system.

The key is that the device needed to support Apple lossless, but also have an easy to use remote. I also wanted to be able to view digital photos in full resolution.

This appears to be the device for me, and it even ads video streaming to the mix, although unless HD conteent becomes available, I don't see myself buying low-rez movies just so I can stream them. But as an audio device, I am keen to get my hands on one.

A lot of questions about this device remain un-answered, but at $299, it looks like it will address my needs perfectly.

Since JA has commented favorably about his Mac mini w/Airport Express, I would hope there would be some interest in this device as well.


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