Apple AirPort Express Wi-Fi Hub-D/A processor Specifications

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Description: Wi-Fi (IEEE802.11g, 2.4GHz, 54Mbps) wireless computer networking hub with stereo analog outputs and optical S/PDIF digital data output.
Dimensions: 3.7" (94mm) x 2.95" (75mm) x 1.12" (28.5mm). Weight: 6.7 ounces (189 grams).
Price: $129.
Manufacturer: Apple Computers, 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA 95014-2084. Tel: (408) 974-2000. Fax: (408) 996-0275. Web:

1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino, CA 95014-2084
(408) 974-2000

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This is a fine device for hardly any money but set-up under Win7, when adding to a pre-existing network, is not as straight forward as you make it seem.  The ten minutes I expected to commit turned into 2 hours and the instruction book is USELESS in helping out.  You'll need to connect the AE directly to your wireless hub and set it up manually.  Apple could have put this in the instructions.

PS: you can get the miniplug-to-toslink cable at radioshack for $19.99.

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The AirPort Utility under Windows 7 Professional is a fast, small footprint installation.  The utility offers a Wizard to lead you through your installation scenario or a Manual Setup.  I used the Wizard to "Join a Wireless Network".   This is where AirPort Express connects to your audio system with the audio cable and functions as a WiFi receiver, rather than an router or access point.  I was streaming audio from my iPad and Windows 7 iTunes PC within minutes.  I have old but fairly good audio system.  I will be looking into getting a external DA converter . . Im not sure the sound is as good as it could be.

Re: Setup Issues . . . If you read amazon reviews on any WiFi periperals, the user reviews on any device setup are all over the map.  Sometimes there are actual technical issues, but more often it is user confusion for lack of understanding of IP networks or coping with the inherent range/signal/throughput limitations of WiFi in a home.  

I have only had AirPort Express for 1 day.  An issue that it may have that I haven't really explored . . it seems to become unavailable to my PC or iPad if it has just been sitting without being used for a few hours.  I have had to reboot it to get it back on-line. 

Sortof related to all this . . I just setup iTunes Match.   We have a lake home and my iTunes music at the lake is orphaned from from iTunes at home.  With iTunes Match music I add at the lake or at the home can now be played at either location.  There is nothing I have to do . . the two PCs are automatically synced. 



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Unlike JA, I'm not, personally, interested in integrating my stored digital music with my primary audio, which is a modest analogue playback system (Music Hall MMF 2.2 LE, Pro-Ject Ph Box Mk II, Cambridge Audio Azur 340 A, PSB Alpha A/V).  My music listening room and computer room are seperate and I really don't mind keeping them that way.  What I would like to achieve is satisfactory, budget, "listen while I work" sound from my iPod/Mac mini/Time Capsule digital music files storage devices.  How should a rank novice, such as I am, go about achieving this with an emphasis placed on low cost of execution?

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For information, a french company called DB System build a system based on airport express. They build a server call LaRosita since more five year and i use it since more 3 years. Since i have it ( LaRosita "Beta" ) i can't listen cd or other source except Vinyle.

You can look product and read about it here ! it's very interesting to understand why LaRosita work much more better than a simple airport express !!