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Apple adapter same SQ as $1K DAC

Absolute newbie here. I might get burned for this but here to learn. I uploaded some 192/24 files onto my Lotoo PAW 6000 DAC and directly plugged in my Sennheiser ie800s into the 3.5mm input to take a listen. They sound exactly like when I directly plug the IEMs into the iPhone through an apple lightning to 3.5mm female adapter(I think this tiny cable works like a DAC too). On the Iphone I was playing the same song streaming via Tidal at the same SQ - 192/24.

Am I missing something here? missing any setting that would make SQ much better - pitching the $20 cable against a $1K DAC?? ontop of everything the small adapter cable has streaming adio as source vs the downloaded hi-res files playing on PAW 6000.

Pls help.

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