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Anyplace to audition headphones in NYC?

Does anyone know of a good place to listen to different headphones in New York City or Long Island? I went to J&R, which has a huge wall of headphones, but there was no individual volume control and my pick from reviews, the Sennheiser 595, was so loud I couldn't hear it. And the sound source was noisy.

Lots of places have good speaker audition setups, but can anyone guide me to one in my area for headphones? I don't have the time and money to take a trip to Montana to visit Headroom.


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Re: Anyplace to audition headphones in NYC?

Hey Peter.
Give a call to a few of the local dealers and see what they can offer. You might try: Stereo Exchange, In Living Stereo, Sound By Singer, Lyric Hi-Fi...

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