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Anyone know what's up with PSB?

I've noticed that their Imagine T (T3, T2, T1) series seems to have been discontinued at many online retailers, and even on their own website most of the towers are out of stock (and for a while when you clicked on them, the URL included the term "ArchivedProducts" or something like that).

Is there a new line of products coming out? I've not heard anything being announced.

Old Audiophile
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I auditioned a pair of PSB Imagine T2 speakers recently. These are outstanding speakers, by the way! One salesperson at a shop I visited told me they had sold out their Imagine T2, including their demos, and were not going to order any more. He didn't seem interested in elaborating beyond that and immediately pointed me in the direction of what he could sell me. The salesperson at a shop that still had the pair of demos I auditioned, told me the PSB factory in China where these were made closed and didn't know why. I wrote to PSB to see if I could learn more. The response was rather terse or brief but they corroborated the factory closing and didn't elaborate much beyond that. They did inform me, however, that they would of course stand behind their product (i.e. honor the warrantee; etc.) should I elect to purchase the pair of demos I auditioned. The Imagine T2 is the only PSB speaker I've ever heard and it is a truly wonderful speaker! I sincerely hope PSB finds an alternative to that factory in China so they can keep building that speaker and whatever other of their products that were built there. It would be a shame for a speaker of this quality to be lost to audiophiles.

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My hope is that PSB brings the manufacturing of their high end speakers back to Canada.

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PSB Status

High likelihood the pandemic has caused complications for manufacturing and inventory. And running a business. I hope PSB is managing ok.

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Tough PSB situation

Looked briefly online. Covid-19 was probably the factory issue from a report. Haven't found anything on a new supplier/manufacturer/assembler.
I don't know much on mfg costs but would guess CA mfr would take pricing to a rather high level for the product against competition.
Spoke with Paul years ago at Rky Mtn A-Fest and he was a nice down to earth guy. Hope they can figure it out.

Kal Rubinson
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I tried to order a pair of

I ordered a pair of PSB Imagine Xa Atmos speakers for my CT system on 10/9 and was told they were on backorder but expected to be restocked in mid-November. On 11/10, I was told they are expected next week. They were delivered on 11/23.

Seems like pretty normal proceedings especially in the context of a global pandemic.

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Good News

Thanks for that update on PSB, Kal. That is good to hear.
Also, thanks for your professional writing over the years. It's been enjoyed.

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PSB T600 and B600

Well, now we know what was up with PSB's Imagine line:

Having said that, it looks like they're now going to miss their planned June 2021 release date.

Kal, have they gotten you a pair yet to review?

Jim Austin
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John Atkinson is reviewing
John Atkinson is reviewing the Synchrony T600 for the October issue of Stereophile.

Jim Austin, Editor

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