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Stephen Scharf
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Anybody see the Verdasco-Nadal in Oz Open?

Any of you guys see the Rafa Nadal-Fer Verdasco semi-final match in the Australian Open? It was frickin' incredible, the second best match I've ever seen, after the epic Nadal-Federer final at Wimbledon.

It was like a bull-fight, but in this case, there was no matador, only two incredibly strong bulls going full-charge at each other for FIVE hours and 14 minutes. Those two guys flat murdered the ball every time they hit it. The force of the match was just ridiculous. I heard a commentator refer the the quality of play as "stunning, absurd tennis" They received six standing ovations from the crowd during the match.

I only saw the last set, but some research on the net confirmed that the quality of play and level of intensity in every game was off the charts. In the the last set I saw Verdasco hit two 140+ mph serves, one at 141 mph, and one at 142 mph. Verdasco had 95 winners against Rafa....

The two are best of friends, and Rafa jumped the net at the end to give his buddy a big hug on-court. Just extraordinary.

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Re: Anybody see the Verdasco-Nadal in Oz Open?

Not quite related - but I don't think anyone will ever have tantrums as awesome as McEnroe's were.

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