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Any info on stylus drag?

Can anyone find any data/calculations/measurements regarding the amount of drag generated by a cartridge tracking an LP?

I've seen mention of static stylus drag and dynamic stylus drag, but I've never seen any attempt at measurement of the effect or force calculations.

Also, wouldn't these effects be greater at the start of a record than at the end?

Anyone notice more or less "PRaT" at the start or end of an LP?

I'd really be curious to see what's been investigated with regard to the dynamic effect of the stylus while it's playing an LP.

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Re: Any info on stylus drag?

Anyone notice more or less "PRaT" at the start or end of an LP?

I think that I remember Michael Fremer mentioning something to that effect in an article when he attended the mastering session of a "The Who" album. I can't remember the album or the label. "Tommy" by Classic seems to be what I think it was. Sorry I can't be more specific.

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