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any info please help

i recently got a bryston 7b mono amplifier for free from a friend, i hooked it up to my yamaha amp and ran my 2 front speakers and it sounds 100 times better then just using the yamaha reciever, is this amplifier basically just good for 2 speakers or is there some way i can use it with my surround, i tried watching a dvd but it just drowns out all the other speakers, any help would be great thank you

Kal Rubinson
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Re: any info please help

1. It is a mono amp, so how can you hook it up to 2 speakers (and keeep the channels discrete)?

2. If you bought a pair, it can only run 2 speakers in your surround system.

3. If it drowns out the other channels, you need to recalibrate the channel levels.

4. If you want to get similar performance from your other channels, you need additional amps.


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