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Any expereince with ZYX cartridges?

I am on my second cartridge from this company and have been very happy so far. I got an Airy 3Xsb first. All the alphabet soup there stands for copper coils, with a silver base. The Airy 3 replaced a Benz Glider, and did it very well. No knock on the Benz, but I was never very excited about it, but for the money it is not a bad cartridge. The ZYX was IMO much better.

I just upgraded to the UNIverse with copper coils and the silver base. It came a couple of days ago, but I haven't set it up yet. It is after all, tax season, and NO I'm not an accountant - just another victim!

I'm just wondering if others are familiar with these beauties, and if so, what they thought of them?

p.s. I don't sell these, so I'm not shilling for them.

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