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Any Difference Between McIntosh MA8000 & MA9000 ?

I have a chance to buy the McIntosh MA9000 or MA8000 for less money. I can't see any difference between the units except the MA8000 is older.
Can anyone tell me if there are differences and what they are?

Thank you for using some of your valuable time to help me...Bill

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Quick Response

I lifted this from "HifiReport" (

"The difference is only that the net weight of MA8000 is 45.4 kg, and the net weight of MA9000 is 45.8 kg. What is the difference between this small 0.4 kg? We think one is from the heat sink, MA9000 uses a heat sink with Mc letter, and MA8000 is his previous heat sink. Moreover, the digital processing of MA9000 uses the DA1 module, while MA8000 does not use a digital module, the processing capacity is only up to 192kHz. Also, MA9000 adds an MCT digital input, but MA8000 does not. Therefore, MA9000 should be regarded as an upgraded version of MA8000."

You might want to read the whole review and, either way, eat your Wheaties because your and/or whomever is or are going to be lifting over 100 lbs. of fabulousness.

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