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Any cartridge suggestions?

Does anyone have any suggestions on a good cartridge? I don't want to spend more than 150.00. Thank you

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Re: Any cartridge suggestions?

The Shure M97xe has a pretty good following. Not sure the going price, but I bought one a bit over a year ago on Amazon (of all places!) for a bit over $50.

Makes nice music on my Rega P2.


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Re: Any cartridge suggestions?

AT440MLa $90

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Re: Any cartridge suggestions?

Hi, Mike -- be sure to listen to the cheap Grado models. Better yet, save $100 a month for 3 or 4 months (abstain from any sex that requires expensive foreplay, like dinner out, and brown-bag your lunches, and you'll have $500 in no time), and you'll be able to afford a Grado Sonata -- the best under-$1000 pickup I've ever heard. Cheers and good luck, Clifton

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Re: Any cartridge suggestions?

I've heard the AT440ML that Jackfish mentioned. It held its own rather nicely!

Clifton is right about Grados sounding good, too. Even the Grado Silver at your budget point is pretty nice.

The Sumiko Pearl is in your budget range, as well.

I'd make those my big three below 150.00.

Nothing wrong with the "Love the one you're with" approach and save up for the nicer Grado, though!

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