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Any audiophiles with DJ experience?

An audio buddy and I agreed to "DJ" the kids' school's end of year dance. We borrowed some gear and bought a small mixer and had fun....almost.

Turns out, the school had been paying, like, 500-750 bucks for DJ's to come and do the thing each time, so we decided that with the savings to the school, it would be fun to keep doing it for them for free.

Question is...there's a helluva lot of gear out there!

Anybody who likes Hi Fi have a handle on this category of product?

I went and read about the Mackie HD1531 as a reference point.

So, about that price range, self powered is the goal.

JBL? Others?

Fascinating stuff.

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Re: Any audiophiles with DJ experience?

If you weren't looking for self-powered a Bryston amp would be a great choice. They are strangely affordable on the used market and mate nicely with ribbon speakers so you could play around with it on your home speakers. But you are looking for self-powered so forget everything I just said, well typed really.

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Re: Any audiophiles with DJ experience?

1. A pair of self powered satellites on tripods. 12 inch woofs minimum, horn loaded highs. Go for 200-300 watts per cab. Tripods get them above ear level.
2. A woof cab, self powered as well. As much as I hate to say it, fourth order bandpass for efficiency.
3. Some kind of eq with sub out. No matter where you setup, you're probably going to have to eq the hell outta the system to make it reasonable.
4. A kid who knows the music. Trust me, you will tire of keeping up with the current tastes. It's best to have a frontman (or front-woman) interfacing with the kids.

What's the format? Ipod/cd/vinyl? I've done CD, vinyl, and both at the same time. I liked the 8cm cd's the best, vinyl and 12cm cd's are too heavy to carry for an old man.

Cheers, John

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