Antique and Classic Hi-fi by RJB Electronics

My very favorite gear of T.H.E. Show Newport was presented by Ross Blomgren of RJB Electronic Services. Blomgren specializes in the repair and restoration of antique jukeboxes, radios, and hi-fi, and the products he had on display were, in my opinion, some of the most beautiful to be found at the show.

I was very tempted to buy this second-generation RCA RP-190 45rpm changer. It’s been fully restored with a new AC cord, resurfaced idler and cycling wheels, and a new cartridge for its plastic tonearm. That’s right: plastic. Suck it, carbon fiber. The $195 price, which seemed very fair to me for something so attractive and unusual, includes a 90-day warranty. Imagine connected it to a pair of powered loudspeakers. Women would love it.

Other treasures in the RJB room included an old-school diner jukebox modified to play files from an iPod via minijack, a gorgeous 1951 James Lansing 2-way speaker with a 15” woofer, a Marantz 2215B stereo receiver, Dual model 601T550 automatic turntable, and Acoustic Research AR-2 and Dynaco A25 loudspeakers. Everything was made to look at home in your home.