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Anti Cable Zero-Autoformers

I'm having good results with tube gear. I'm wanting to try a tubed amp and have Maggie speakers.

One suggested option is the Zero-Autoformers, which claim to multiply the impedance of a speaker, thus making them easier to drive. Anyone have experience with these?

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Re: Anti Cable Zero-Autoformers

Because Magnepans have a nearly ruler flat impedance across the audio spectrum they are much kinder to tube amps than their efficiency rating would otherwise indicate. What amp are you currently using?

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Re: Anti Cable Zero-Autoformers

I've used my MG 3.5s happily with Jadis Defy-7 (100 W) and Antique Sound Labs Hurricanes (200W). Although Maggies are not very efficient, they present a fairly constant and easy load to the amp.

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